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Kamen Rider Build Episode 20 title & Summary

Sento now has the "forbidden item" on his hands thanks to Blood Stalk. Can this new item be enough to change the tide of war? Read all about the 20th episode's title and description after the break!

Episode 20 "The devil's trigger" 1/28/18

Director - Satoshi Morata
Writer - Shogo Muto

"After receiving the Hazard Trigger from Isurugi, Sento now holds an item that could give him the power to even up the odds against Hokuto's army. Can he also stop his friend, Banjo, from his current state of going berserk while using the Sclash Driver?

Meanwhile, Gentoku receives a valuable information and information and orders a counterattack against Hokuto but Sento disagrees on using the Rider System as a tool of war."

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