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SPACE SQUAD 2 - Filming Has Already Started?

After a recent rumor regarding the team-up between the Kyurangers and Gavan's newly assembled SPACE SQUAD team, it's time to start some SPACE SQUAD 2 news and rumors!

Recently, a passerby was lucky enough to snag a pic of the Galactic Union logo was plastered on a wall. Could this mean that the filming for the rumored movie has finally started?

And that's not all, Yuma IshiGaki (Geki Jumonji/Gavan Type G) and Yosuke Kishi (Stinger/Sasori Orange) has updated both of their blogs and twitter account with a selfie pic and with them is Hiroaki Iwanaga (Shu Karasuma/Shaider). Let's hope that this is it!

Source: Nihon Hero

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