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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Space 47 Title & Summary

After defeating Cuervo, the Kyurangers thought that it was finally over but they were wrong! Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger space 47 title and summary is now online!

Space 47 "Promise of the saviors" 1/28/18

"To the ultimate savior's horror, the defeat of Cuervo was a plan by Don Almage all along! Now possessing a powerful new host, Don Almage is now ready to wreak havoc in the universe!

With the whole universe in crisis, the Kyurangers prepare themselves for the ultimate battle of their lives!"

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Um the title says 37 not 47

  2. Asshole Says:

    Kind of disappointed at the predictable ending (Don Almage being who he is, the "death", and the possession). Doesn't help how fucking forced, and telegraphed it was, either. It's a shame as this was the first Sentai I watched since ToQger, and it reminds me why it has been so. It's not just the Red Ranger Show, but the let-down, and disappointment that accompanies it.

    I feel this show had a good thing going for it. The 12 man cell, somewhat likeable characters, and in the beginning a "decent" story. But, ever since around the halfway mark, it just started the slog. It felt like they had no idea what to do with Don Almage, or they were simply trying too hard to make the BIG REVEAL surprising.

    I'll admit I held out some hope when he revealed himself to Tsurugi they were going to make him a corrupt cosmic being, or something truly intimidating! As lame as it would have been, I would of liked "The Ultimate Savior" Lucky going all out against this higher being that would of been Don Almage. A bit repetitive (shades of ToQger), but I dunno. We then could of had Tsurugi die, but as he's a fucking PHOENIX!, be reborn to give Lucky the final edge to finish off Don Almage (which then could of expended the power of the Kyutama, shattering it, and letting him rest. Creating quite the legend!).

    I just feel let down with the upcoming finale. I imagine Tsurugi will likely survive, the Commander will get to rest with his bear friend. And King Lucky gets to have his cake, and eat it, too.

    Matter of fact, while I'm ranting... We aren't going to hold that prick Lucky responsible for Tsurugi, and the Commander's deaths? Fuck that! Because of his ignorance he cost two people their lives! What a piece of shit.

    In closing; I don't know how to feel about the upcoming series... I don't dislike the idea. And I'm interested to know if with two Red's which one they'll end up putting on a pedestal.

    I think the last series I actually enjoyed was Go-Buster, which evidently puts me in the minority. Something about the 3 man cell, and the entertaining villain (Enter was the best thing of that show) made it great to me. Almost the same with ToQger. The show was TERRIBLE, but the villains made it worth watching. Gritta/Schwarz/Z were the best things about it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    @Asshole, Your idea of Don being something akin to a terrifying cosmic being as old as time itself sounds much better than him being Kuervo who's actually kind of possessed by Don, who we still don't know exactly what he is. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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