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Kamen Rider Build - Televi-Kun March 2018 Magazine Scans

Time for some new Kamen Rider Build magazine scans courtesy of the newest issue of Televi-Kun featuring the new Hazard states forms and the newest Best Match, Kamen Rider Build SharkBike!

Overpowered by Seito's finest warriors, Kamen Rider Rogue and the Hell Brothers, Sento will acquire a new item that will finally control his Hazard state and boost his powers to new levels: the FullFull Bottle!

By activating the FullFull Bottle, sento will now have access to his new Hazard states forms mainly the fast attacking, limb stretching, crimson speed warrior, RabbitRabbit form and the all powerful, steel blue warrior, TankTank form!

In this form, Kamen Rider Build is armed with a new weapon called the Full Bottle Buster that can store four Full Bottles at once to unleash a devastating attack.

This month, the Riders of Touto and Hokuto will work together to protect their countries. Meanwhile, Misora will find herself be possessed by an unknown force. Could this be the power that the Pandora's Box hold?

And lastly, the Kamen Rider Build web series will finally conclude and it will feature a new Best Match form, the SharkBike and the HawkGatling and PirateTrain Hazard Form.

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