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Kamen Rider Build Episode 27 Title & Summary

The traitor has been exposed and Sento finally has the ultimate solution in controlling his Hazard state form with the help of an all new Full bottle! Will this be enough to match Kamen Rider Rogue?

Episode 27 "The hero's counterattack" 3/18/17

"The representative battle between Touto and Seito has begun! 3 on 3! Grease defeated Engine Bros in the first round and gave Touto the first victory.

Then in the second match… Hell Bros appears with the strength of both combined systems! It has become a treacherous deathmatch, but Sento still remains determined, desperate to end this war once and for all!"

This episode will feature the debut of the Full Full RabbitTank Bottle and the RabbitRabbit form.

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