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Kamen Rider Build Episode 29 Title & Summary

After the trio of Sento, Ryuga and Kasumi thought that the war is finally over, a new nightmare begins as Blood Stalk finally hatches his master plan!

Episode 29 "The bells of beginning rings!" 4/1/18

"Due to the settlement of the representative battle, the war will now end! At least, that's what everyone thought would happen. The war did not end, rather, it has gotten much worse.

BloodStark who allied himself with Nanba Heavy Industries is finally starting to set his plans into motion. Stark, who had stolen the 10 Full Bottles that were under Touto's possession, inserts them into the Pandora Box.

All of a sudden, the Sky Wall begins to move, and a phenomenon beyond belief is about to unfold before their very eyes...!"

Summary by SpecialForm12

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