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Kamen Rider Build Character Review - Shinobu Katsuragi

In this character review, we are going to take a closer look at Shinobu Katsuragi, the father of Kamen Rider Build's main protagonist, Sento Kiryu/Takumi Katsuragi.

I highly recommend watching up until episode 43 before reading on, if you don't want spoilers. Otherwise, enjoy.

 Shinobu was first seen in flashbacks as early as the Sky Wall Incident, as the man who was giving the presentation at that time. Later on, he was seen working with Evolto, who was then possessing Soichi Isurugi.

He has been mentioned several times before, and the reason why he is absent is that Sento/Takumi believed that he committed suicide due to working under the constant threat of Evolto. By epsiode 42 he reveals himself to Sento/Takumi as the other Build.

Shinobu reveals that he faked his own death to continue working with Evolto in secret, with the ambition of creating a world that defies the laws of Physics, and will do anything to get his way even if it means using his own son. He also revealed that he created the Build Driver for himself, not Sento/Takumi.

As Kamen Rider Build, Shinobu demonstrates abilities far superior than when Sento/Takumi was fighting as build. Despite using only the basic matches such as the original RabbitTank, HawkGatling, and NinninComic Shinobu fought more efficiently and proficiently than when Sento/Takumi used them. Noticeably however, the Build Driver does not announce them as best matches probably due to Shinobu's belt being a prototype.

As for Shinobu's Hazard Level, since he uses the normal build matches it can be assumed that Shinobu is at least Level 3, though the way he fights and even overpowers the other riders may actually put him higher.

The change in Shinobu's personality came about at the events of the Sky Wall Incident. As he was actually the nearest person to the Pandora's Box he can presumably be the most corrupted individual affected by the light of Pandora's Box.

As demonstrated by Gentoku, having been corrupted by the Pandora's Box himself, after becoming a Kamen Rider, his good nature actually returned. Whether or not the same thing could happen to Shinobu remains yet to be seen in future episodes.
As a character, Shinobu shares some similarities, notably with Tenjuro Banno/Kamen Rider Gold Drive. They are scientists who used the rider system for their own selfish desires. However, Tenjuro used a modified and recolored version of the main protagonist's signature suit, while Shinobu simply uses the same suits as Sento/Takumi. Another difference is that while Shinobu is the father of the main protagonist, Tenjuro was the father of the secondary rider.

As the JEFusion Channel is still under construction my posts for the meantime will be written articles. I hope you enjoyed reading this and see you in the next one. Thank you.

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