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Kamen Rider Build Episode 46 Title & Summary

This Sunday on the 46th episode of Kamen Rider Build, the final battle begins and Kamen Rider Grease uses the Blizzard Knuckle!

Episode 46 "The promised 'Be The One'" 7/29/18

"Evolt, who has been impersonating Seito's Prime Minister reveals himself to the world along with his intention to destroy it! This marks the beginning of the final battle of Evolt vs. Humanity. All the Kamen Riders are determined to fight until the very end. 

Their key to victory lies in the White Pandora Panel originating from the data that Shinobu Katsuragi left. Evolt's planetary destruction has begun. The fight for the last Lost Bottle is on the line. The Kamen Riders set their aim at the summit of the Pandora Tower, and Evolt himself!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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