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Ultraman R/B Reaction

After watching the 1st episode of Ultraman R/B, thanks to Tsuburaya Channel, here's my reaction/review. Don't worry, I'll try to make this as spoiler-free as I can.

- Seeing the Minato brothers fight as Ultramen remind me of Leo and Astra the first REAL Ultra brothers.
- With that said, I kinda wish there's a series with Leo AND Astra and their adventures together. Ultraman Leo was mostly just about Leo, with Astra appearing here and there.
- How the heck were the Minato brothers chosen? And how the heck did they already know how to transform? The R/B Gyro had no voice at least from the viewers' perspective, so we don't know if it talked to the brothers.
- Their transformation apparently requires borrowing powers from previous ultras, much like what Orb did.
- The quintessential special operations team designed to fight the kaiju appear to be absent here. Maybe they'll appear later on in the show.
- Makoto Aizen reminds me of Ren Amagasaki of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid in terms of characterization.
- Although, I think Makoto may also have been patterned after Kei Fukuide of Ultraman Geed.
- If the Minato family's patriarch looks familiar, that's because he was also the father of another tokusatsu hero, Shishired!
- The little sister is ADORABLE. Can I take her home?
- It really feels like this is a sequel to Orb. See how the color time at the back of the title logo forms the "O" and how it connects to "R/B"? O-R/B.
Overall the show is enjoyable and looks promising. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Haven't watched the first episode yet? Watch it now as it Tsuburaya will only post each episode for a week until the next episode comes out!

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