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My Top 10 Ultraman Suits

Whether coming from beyond the stars of from within the planet, several people have been chosen to protect the Earth. And in order to do so, these chosen heroes are turned into giants with rubber-like suits.

And in this top 10, I list down my favorite suits from the Ultra Hero Series!

For this top 10 we're considering the following:
- The suits will come from both TV and movies
- Normal forms color changes and power-up forms will be considered
- Multiple entries from the same show will be considered if applicable
- Game-exclusive forms/fusions will not be included, but will have their own list in the future
- This list is solely based on design/looks

This is purely based on my preferences, so if you have your own favorites share them in the comments.

1. Ultraman Orb Origin "The First"

Before coming into the possession of the Orb Ring, Gai Kurenai used the power of the Orb Calibur alone, giving him his initial form dubbed "The First" (not to be confused with Ultraman Nexus's first movie).

I like this suit better than Orb's other forms because this is more reminiscent of the traditional Ultraman color scheme.

2. Ultraman Geed Magnificent

To be honest I didn't like Geed much, but if I were to pick something that I liked from the show it would have to be Geed Magnificent.

Formed by fusing Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Ken/Father of Ultra, the dominant blue suit that Zero gives matches the imposing armor and horns from Father of Ultra.

3. Ultraman Gaia

The first Ultraman not from any other star system, but actually the manifestation of Earth's own spirit, Gaia is one special Ultraman.

Although he gains powered forms throughout the show, I like his default form. It may be simplistic, but to me it feels like the Ultraman suit but perfected to suit the more modern age.

4. Ultraman Leo

Ultraman Leo may be the only Showa era Ultra on this list, but he's nonetheless my favorite from that era.

Despite having a purely red suit, his distinct head and torso mark make him a memorable Ultraman.

5. Ultraman Rosso Ground

Where most Ultras are red, blue or a mix of both, Ultraman R/B does something never done before: use brown as a regular color.

Using the Ultraman Victory R/B Crystal, Katsumi and Isami Minato can transform into Ultraman Rosso Ground and Ultraman Blu Ground, respectively. Although Blu Ground looks great, I prefer Rosso Ground because it is by default Katsumi's crystal.

6. Ultraman Zenon

Appearing to aid Ultraman Max, Ultraman Zenon arrived to help fight against Zetton by giving Max the Max Galaxy.

Ultraman Max had a great design that can be considered an upgrade of Ultraseven, but Zenon's overall design is one of the best I've ever seen. I just wish he had his own spinoff series.

7. Ultraman Mebius Infinity

Aided by Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, and Zoffy they fused with Ultraman Mebius and gave him this form.
Although Mebius has overall solid designs, this one is my favorite among them. However, it only appears once in Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers movie.
8. Ultraman Cosmos Corona Mode

Ultraman Cosmos is the first Ultraman to be purely blue due to his pacifist nature. However, when victory by peaceful means cannot be achieved, Cosmos accesses a red form with destructive power when necessary.
What makes Cosmos Corona stand out is his asymmetrical pattern.
 9. Ultraman Victory Knight

Ultraman Victory is the first Ultraman to have a primarily black base color on a regular basis. The first was Tiga Dark, but he only appears in one movie. Upon gaining the Knight Timbre, Victory evolves into Knight Victory!

Despite his color being primarily black, Victory's overall design is cool. However, as Victory Knight his silver and blue suit makes him look a lot more heroic.

10. Ultraman Noa

Kazuki Komon, the last Dunamist revealed in Ultraman Nexus, accessed both Nexus's Junis Red and Blue forms before unlocking this form in the fight against Dark Zagi. According to the Ultraman Zero mythos, Noa is said to be oldest Ultra, and is presumably the first of the Ultra race. This may possibly be a reference to the movie "Ultraman The First" which served as a prequel to Nexus.

Noa retains the silver coloration and the color timer of the Anphans form, while regaining the organic-looking armor from the movie. He also gains wing like armor parts on his back. The lore surrounding Noa translates into his design, making this suit my favorite overall.

Honorable Mentions:
Ultraman Blu Wind
Ultraman Powered
Ultraman Nexus Junis Red
Ultraman Legend
Ultraman Saga

Thanks for reading this list and again if you have your on favorites share them in the comments section.

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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10 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    1-ultraman hunter knight tsurugi,2-ultraman Victory,3-ultraman orb trinity,4-ultraman x exceed,5-ultraman Nexus,6-ultraman rosso,7-ultaman zero gold,8-ultraman bellial final,9-ultraman ginga,10-ultraman max.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    O.O no tiga

  3. Anonymous Says:

    in no particular order

    1. Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version
    2. Ultraman Gaia V2
    3. Ultraman Agul V2
    4. Ultraman Orb Thunderbrestar
    5. Ultraman Belial Atrocious
    6. Ultraman Tiga Sky Type
    7. Ultraman Geed Solid Burning
    8. Ultraman Dyna Flash Type
    9. Ultraman Max
    10. Ultraman Zero Strong Corona

  4. Hyuver Says:

    That is not gaia default form, it's v2 form he acquired after receiving agul power. His real default form doesn't have the blue v

  5. Anonymous Says:

    In terms of asthetics, for me it's pretty much...

    Agul, Hikari, Mebius, leo, Ultraseven X (not sure if he counts), Geed Solid Burning, Belial (Another questionable), Max, Ginga, Nexus Junis.

  6. why isn't this top reverse? I know numerical order sounds good but you spoil the best at the beginning

  7. Anonymous Says:

    For Me:
    1. Gaia Supreme
    2. Shining Zero
    3. Mebius Phoenix Brave
    4. Nexus Junis Blue
    5. Cosmos Future
    6. Cosmos Eclipse
    7. Exceed X
    8. Geed Royal Mega Master
    9. Orb Lightning Attacker
    10.Geed Magnificent/ Orb Emerium Slugger

  8. Hyuver Says:

    That is not gaia real default form, it's the v2 default form after he gained agul power, the first default form doesn't have the navy blue color

  9. Unknown Says:

    Personally I loved these designs..
    1) Tiga
    2) Ace
    3) Great
    4) Dyna
    5) Gaia
    6) Cosmos Eclipse
    7) Geed Ultimate Final
    8) Zoffy
    9) Agul V2
    10) Rosso
    Just sharing..

  10. Anonymous Says:

    1)Nexus Junis Red
    2)Orb Emerium Slugger
    3)Zero Default form
    4)Rosso Flame
    5)Ginga Victory
    7)Mebius Brave
    8)Geed Solid Burning
    9)Evil Tiga
    10)Zoffy - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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