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Complete Selection Modification Blaybuckle, Rouze Absorber & Blay Rouzer Unveiled

TURN UP! To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the 2004 Kamen Rider Blade TV series, Premium Bandai has finally released all the official images and information that you need for their next CSM offering that is from the Kamen Rider Blade henshin series!

First is the Blaybuckle, Kazuma Kenzaki's personal transformation equipment that he uses to transform into Kamen Rider Blade! Wearing the belt activates the standby sound the pulling the lever will finally activate the transformation sound. Plus, it also comes with a projector that displays the giant "Orichalcum Element" gate that Kenzaki always runs thru when he transforms into Blade.

Pressing the top face button will play a few speaking lines from Kenzaki himself. It also has a BGM button that plays music from the TV series like "Kakusei", "Take it a try" and "Rebirth".

Next is the Rouze Absorber, the power-up item that Blade uses to power-up into his Jack Form and the King Form and comes with interchangeable plates. 

Finally, Blade's personal close range attack weapon, an exact scale replica of the Blay Rouzer, can scan various Rouze Cards that is included in the set and will come with a Jack Form weapon attachment and a holster. Pressing the sound button atcivates the "card throwing" and "undoing" sounds from the TV series will pressing the button in one of its modes activates the attack sound and Kenzaki's attack voice.

The Complete Selection Modification Blaybuckle, Rouze Absorber and Blay Rouzer set is a Premium Bandai web exclusive and will cost 49,194 yen and will be released this July 2019 with pre-orders ending on March 11th.

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