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Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga 1st Trailer Streamed

Ever felt that you, as a tokusatsu geek, are alone in this world of serious, business minded people? Well, check-out the first trailer for the live-action adaptation of Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga!

Adapted from the comedy mange of the same title, Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga tells the story of Kano Nakamura (porayed by Fuka Koshiba), an ordinary office worker who is secretly a huge tokusatsu fan like the Super Sentai series Juushowan in which she lives by their heroic code and sometimes imagines that she is also one of them to to escape the daily stress of life and work.

Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga will be adapted into 7 episode J-drama series that will air in NHK network this January 18th.

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