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Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Morpher, Megazords & Figures Revealed

Finally, the long wait is over as Hasbro releases the official images for the morpher, megazords, ranger and villain figures for the Power Rangers Beast Morphers toy series and man oh man it's looking great!

First up is the Beast X Morpher, the main transformation device for the new team of Power Rangers. To activate the morphing sound, strap it on your wrist and shout the command "It's Morphin's Time!" and it will play the music, lights and sounds.Various animal and attack sounds can be activated by swinging it around as if you are fighting evil space aliens and will also come with the Morph-X Key which will unlock others sounds and phrases with more keys to come. This will retail for $29.99 and will be released this spring. 

And here we have the 6" Power Rangers Beast Morphers action figures. As we can see from the pics, this figure have great sculpt and body proportions (courtesy of the makers of Marvel Legends) and will come with various accessories.  Each figure will retail for $9.99 and will be released this spring.

Then we have what every Megazord fans have been waiting for; the Deluxe Beast-X Megazord! This new Megazord is composed of 3 Zords that the Red, Blue and Yellow Ranger will command. Price and release date to be announced later.

Lastly, there will also be the Beast-X Ultrazord Figure. Its features is that it can detect certain certain positions and comes with 30 phrases. Retails for $34.99 and will be released this fall.

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