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Ultraman Taiga - Official Toy Catalog Released

Are you ready for the newest hero of an all new era! The official 1st quarter toy catalog for Ultraman Taiga has been finally released featuring all the toys that we will be expecting for the upcoming new series!

First image gives us the official look on Taiga's transformation brace, the Taiga Spark! Hiroyuki will use 3 types of Ultra Accessories: key chain (ultra form), bracelets (past ultra power) and rings (enemy kaiju power).

Next will be his super form, Ultraman Taiga Photon Earth (could this be powered by Gaia and Agul?) which is activated by using the Photon Wing key chain then we have Ultraman Tregear's transformation device, the Treager Eye which will come with the Night Fang ring.

And here are the sets that we will be expecting in the upcoming months when the show premieres. Set 1 consist of the Rosso and Blu bracelet and Hellberos ring, Set 2 will be Geed and X bracelet and Galactron ring and lastly, Set 3 will have Ginga and Victory bracelet and Segmegel ring.

And finally, the new Ultra Hero Series sofubi will consist of Taiga, Titus, Fuma and Photon Earth while the Ultra Kaiju Series will get Hellberos, Segmegel, Night Fang and Gimaira.

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  1. Again in again. They use the power of the past ultra's and kaiju's. Why Tsuburaya? We need new and unique ultra warrior. :( - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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