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Kamen Rider ZI-O - Kneel Before The Lord Of Time! Kamen Rider Grand ZI-O!

And here it is, folks! Here are the much awaited scans from the latest issue of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine featuring the lord of time's ultimate form, Kamen Rider Grand ZI-O!

Once all of the Heisei Rider Ride Watches are all gathered, Sougo will acquire his newest and most powerful one, the Grand ZI-O Ride Watch! By activating this, he will transform into Kamen Rider Grand ZI-O, the inheritor of all the Heisei Rider's powers and the ruler of time and space! 

And just like his predecessor's (mainly Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form), he can summon all the Heisei Riders to aid him in his battle, no matter what the form is, and can also use all of their weapons! 

And this month after the Kamen Rider Kabuto arc concludes, we will be meeting with the Imagins of the Denliner and assist them in their battle against Another Den-O, who was last seen in the Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever movie!

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5 Responses
  1. wuhuu Says:

    wow the 3d printed model of the Heisei rider really looks hawwtttt ..

  2. See, there's one thing that doesn't make sense (unless this is in the upcoming movie or some loop hole (I'll explain in sec thought))

    Watching the whole series so far (minus the movie because I live in USA and sadly know only a little Japanese (thank you too much anime using the same words x3), so need subs to watch, or someone to finally host the series legally in other countries like USA x3). Here's whats been seen, almost every rider has been met at somepoint (or equivalent fill-in that gives our heroes the watches).

    Counting only main hero watches given in current timeline, and not counting Woz's watches we've seen:
    Ghost (current timeline, not the one Geiz stole from Oma ZI-O)
    W (from the generations movie)
    & Kuuga (from the generations movie)

    Now that all listed, Obviously in this next arc ZI-O will obtain the Den-O watch giving him the new powerup accessing all riders, but technically there is one missing

    KR Drive

    Unless they're planning to cheat and use the Drive watch Geiz stole from Oma, they never actually obtained the Drive watch, which for those watching the KR Brain specials there is possibility of something new from that story's ending

    So just like the whole "cant over use Geiz Revive too much or it'll kill you" story being excused like it wasn't a thing to worry about anymore (Geiz was bleeding from his eyes for crying out loud), this may feel like a cop-out excuse too.

    And they even pointed out in the Ghost episodes that the watch needed to be obtained as the Geiz version wasn't Zi-Os and ZI-O had to obtain the watch like every other one they had.

    Any opinion?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So a mixture of Blade King, Decade Complete, and Ghost Grateful forms.

    It's not....horrible. The only real bad thing to me is all the riders just posing. If it was the face masks or symbols I think I'd feel better about it but these make it look so uneven.

    I tend to like the suits more when in movement so I'll just have to wait till then.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The designers used the symbols on the suit with the Ghost Heisei Damashii, otherwise that would be better. Its not as bad as it was as they added more color and the gold around the Hiragana "eyes" is a nice touch, but some of the details with the watch bands and gloves look cheap, especially comparing it to the somewhat cheap but still stylized Trinity, the detailed Oma ZI-O, and the spectacular kitbash Woz Ginga,

  5. Unknown Says:

    I think the show might still give us the Drive tribute in around late June to early July so there is a possibility that Drive Watch Geiz has might be destroyed and they have to obtain the one from the present in order to use Grand again. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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