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Ryusoulger the Movie Guest Stars Announced

Ryusoulger's official Twitter account reveals the guest stars for the upcoming Ryusoulger movie!

Shirou Sano potrays Valma, and Rie Kitahara portrays Yuno, who are members of the Ryuosou tribe that existed 65 million years ago, making them predecessors/ancestors of the Ryusoulgers.

Shirou Sano as Valma
 Rie Kitahara as Yuno
Shirou Sano had portrayed the main villain roles for both Gokaiger VS Gavan and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid & Ghost VS Dr. Pac-Man. He has also been in 3 Godzilla movies from 1999 to 2004.

Rie Kitahara was a member of AKB48 and NGT48 from 2008 to 2018, and is now an active actress, having been in several shows and movies, including the upcoming Toei-produced horror film Toshimaen, co-starring Arisa Komiya (Go-Busters), Ruka Matsuda (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid), and Nana Asakawa (Super Sentai Strongest Battle).


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