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Ultraman Taiga - Main Cast & Ultra Warrior Voice Revealed

The official Ulra series website has finally revealed the full cast, along with the voice actors for the Ultra warriors for the upcoming Ultraman Taiga TV series! Meet them all after the break!

Kana Sasaki (Chiharu Niiyama) - The president of the private organization called EGIS (Enterprise of Guard and Investigation Service). A strict and reliable president who looks after the young agents of the organization. She appeared in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger The Movie: Full Blast Action as Mari/Dekagold.

Homare Soya (Ryotaro) - The hot blooded agent of EGIS who has a passionate sense and dedication for Justice and is a big brother figure for our hero, Kudo.

Pirica Ashigawa (Momoka) - A carefree agent of EGIS who is dedicated in her desk work and is considered as the super genius of the team.

Kirisake (Ko Nanase) - A man with a shadowy past and is the human host for the evil Ultra warrior, Tregear who's sole purpose is to bring pain and suffering to Ultraman Taiga.

And here are the voice actors who will lend their talents for the four Ultramen as well as the narrator. 

Takuma Terashima - Ultraman Taiga

Satoshi Hino - Ultraman Titus

Shouta Hayama - Ultraman Fuma

Yuma Uchida - Ultraman Treagear

Daisuke Ono - series narrator

Tsuburaya's 31st entry to the Ultra series and the 7th entry to the New Generation Heroes, Ultraman Taiga will premiere in July 6th.

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  1. So...Jotaro Kujo will be narrating this series...
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