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Ultraman Taiga - A New Era, A New Warrior Of Light!

Buddy Go! Check-out this first batch of Ultraman Taiga scans from the latest issue of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine featuring all of the 3 Ultra warriors and the main villain from the upcoming new series!


Introducing Ultraman Taiga, the son of Ultraman Taro from the M-78 Nebula, home of the Ultra warriors. His human host is Hiroyuki Kudo, a member of the E.G.I.S. who uses the Taiga Spark and the Taiga Accessories to transform into 3 different Ultramen.

Our second Ultra hero, Ultraman Titus, comes from the planet U-40, home of Ultraman Jonias. This wise and powerful warrior uses his great strength in battles.

The 3rd Ultra warrior, Ultraman Fuma hails from the planet O-50, where Ultraman Obr, Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu became warriors of light. A warrior of speed and technique with a rough personality but has a strong sense of duty.

And finally, Ultraman Tregear, who appeared in the Ultraman R/B movie is the series's main villain who will also transform into a giant of darkness using the Tregear Eye. It is said that he was once a close friend of Taro but he succumbed to the darkness like Belial did!

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