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Kamen RIder ZI-O Episode 40 Title & Summary

Can Zeronos stop Sougo from obtaining the power to rule over time and space? Will the DenLiner be repaired in time? Find-out in the next episode of Kamen Rider ZI-O!

Episode 40 "2017: The grand climax!" 6/23/19

"After obtaining the Den-O Ride Watch, the new Grand Zi-O Watch suddenly formed in Sougo's hands! A Ride Watch that contains the strongest of powers: the combined strength of all the past Heisei Riders! However, after Yuuto Sakurai and Deneb intervened in the timeline, in order to prevent Sougo from becoming the overlord of the future, the Grand Zi-O Watch disappeared! After returning to Kujigojido, Sougo and the others realize that Takuya/Another Den-O strongly wished for something, and that once that wish is fulfilled, the contract with the Imagin will be complete, however..."

Source: SpecialForm12

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