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Kamen Rider ZI-O The Movie: Over Quartzer - Official Movie Plot Revealed

Thanks this scanned image of a movie pamphlet for the upcoming Kamen Rider ZI-O movie, with translations from Filip, the movie's official plot has been finally revealed. Read-on after the break!

"The mystery of the remaining Drive Ride Watch, which is hidden in the Sengoku era, will be finally revealed here. Sougo and the rest are cast into a history changing battle as they meet the demon king, Nobunaga and there appears the keeper of history called the Quartzer.

A shocking truth hidden in the battle has been unveiled and Woz, Sougo's loyal ally, now stands in their way and allies himself with the Quartzer! What is this great conspiracy hidden behind the existence of Tokiwa Sougo? 

At last, the true conclusion to Kamen Rider ZI-O's story finally begins here!"

And there we go ladies and gentlemen, the Kamen Rider Drive arc will be told in this movie as it is finally confirmed that Go and Krim will be returning in this movie.

Kamen Rider ZI-O The Movie: Over Quartzer will premiere in Japanese theaters this July 26,2019.

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    It's weird that it says this movie is the conclusion to the zi-o story. Is it actually the end?

  2. Unknown Says:

    Honestly it would make sense since he gets the power of the Demon King and all but we'll see

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Its kind of decade ending? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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