03 February 2014

The Identity of Goku's Mother Finally Revealed

Dragon Ball creator Toriyama Akira is about to reveal the identity of Goku's mother on the March 2014 issue of Saikyo Jump after 30 years of speculations.

Goes by the name Gine, a gentle natured saiyan who also happened to be a part of Bardock's squad is Goku's mother. After being saved by him several times in the battlefield, they developed feelings for each other. This event is rare for saiyans since it is not normal in their race to be in a relationships except when breeding.

Gine will take her first appearance in a bonus manga released on April 4th together with Toriyama's one-shot manga "Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.

via OrendsRange


  1. was this really not known? I figured that out from when the first bardock movie came out years ago.

  2. Goku's mother Gine, it's name took from Green Onion which in japanese is Negi.

  3. How would you pronounce that? Like Jain or Jean? Or Gi-ne? Maybe her name is based off of ginger. It would make sense, they'd be a family of root vegetables.

  4. What speculation? Who did people even think was his mom?

  5. I was gonna say "When I cared" but it might be interesting.