15 April 2016

Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Mach & Kamen Rider Heart Announced

With only a few days before the release of V-Cinema's Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser, a follow-up direct to video is announced featuring Kamen Rider Mach and Heart.

No other information has been released other than Mach receiving a new Shift Car, Shift Ride Crosser (will this be the one that will let him transform into Super Dead Hear Mach), and that Heart will become a Kamen Rider using Shift Heartron (as seen from the image above).

Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Mach & Kamen Rider Heart is set to be released on November 16th.

Source: Heroshock


  1. So, is the Drive Saga series the Drive equivalent to the Gaim Gaiden series? (By the way, was there ever anything about a 3rd Gaim Gaiden?)

    1. Pretty much, except Kamen Rider Chaser was one movie. The Gaim Gaidens (fairly decent, FYI) told stories of two riders (ex: Zangetsu and Baron, Duke and Knuckle).

      To answer your second question, I doubt they'll make another Gaiden film. The rest of the Gaim casts might had already left, and what's the use of making side stories of every armored rider of the show anyway?

    2. @Nahum
      Original poster here-
      Thanks for clearing that up.
      I guess there's no point, really. I just like seeing what new riders and arms they can think of though. (Black Baron and Savior were a bit underwhelming, though...) Not to mention, I think a large part of the Kamen Rider community is hoping to someday see Jinba Melon Arms.
      I dunno about you guys, but I think Gaim was a series with absolutely infinite possibilities.
      But enough about Gaim... I can't wait to see Kamen Rider Crosser Mach (or whatever they'll call it) and Kamen Rider Heart.

    3. Gain garden 3is confirm,gridon and bravo are set to appear fans vote on those two.

  2. Dang, the Drive DVD's aren't going to end!!!

  3. I have a few hopes for Mach though they depend on if it's set during or after the series.
    1. the roidmudes they use are one that we never saw destroyed during the series.
    2. We get to see 006's evolved form. (Seriously how many of you called bull crap at that)
    3. If shinnosuke's in it I want to see the tire koukans never used in the series (Burning Solar, Deco Traveller, Amazing Circus & Colorful Commercial or any of the blending tires.)
    After: honestly all of the above but I also want to see Gou trying to find a way to fix Chase's core and maybe the lament he feels for how he treated him in the series

  4. Any-1

    No new gaidens were announced and yes i assume this is its equivalent for Drive.

    1. Anon from the original comment here-
      And what a shame. I was looking forward to a Ryugen Gaiden.

  5. Kamen rider heart!!


  7. I personally want more background on Gous story in America and how he became Mach.