31 March 2021

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger - Twokaizer Teased Plus New Purple Sentai Gears


Looks like we wouldn't be waiting for the Zenkaiger's 6th ranger that long as it was announced that he will be debuting on the May 2021 issue of Televi-Kun!

As we can see from the teaser, Twokaizer's helmet is similarly based on that of Gokaioh's. And he also has that trademark Gokaired pose.

As for the new purple-colored Sentai Gears, it consists of the Zyuranger, Gaoranger, Goranger, Boukenger, Magiranger, Fiveman, Maskman, and Flashman Sentai Gears. Could this be the Gears that will be used to summon the past legend sentai mechas?

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