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One Piece Film Z: #1 for Four Consecutive Weeks, 62.8 Million USD Earned

TOEI's highest grossing film since 2000, “One Piece FILM Z” tops the Japan Box Office Chart for four consecutive weeks, earning an estimate of 5,544,105,526 yen (about $62,867,135) during its four-week theatrical run.

The film is now the fastest Japanese domestic film to sell 1 million tickets this year!

The "Dyna Stone", a Marines' secret weapon that is comparable to the Ancient Weapons, has suddenly been stolen! Behind this is former Marine Admiral "Z", who now stands in the path of the Straw Hat Pirates. Eiichiro Oda himself will oversee the production of the “One Piece Film Z” as its executive producer.

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  1. Luffy looks Marvelous in that coat :-]

  2. Anonymous Says:

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