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Power Rangers Megaforce Opening Theme

Bandai of America's official page for the upcoming Power Rangers season, Power Rangers Megaforce began streaming the series' opening theme as the site's background music.

Power Rangers Megaforce features Gosei, a supernatural guardian, who protected the Earth for centuries along with his robotic aide, Tensou. During the massive invasion of the evil Warstar aliens, Gosei calls upon five teenagers with attitude to form the ultimate team... the Power Rangers Megaforce!

Celebrating the 20th year Anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, Power Rangers Megaforce premieres this February 2nd.

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37 Responses
  1. WillowWisp Says:

    First few seconds: Nice

    Most of it: I'M DONE

    OK, I get the fact that it is meant to be in commemoration for the 20th anniversary. But do you know what? Wild Force, which was the 10th anniversary series, never had its opening theme be like the original MMPR theme.

    Oh my God, I mean OH. MY. GOD.

    There is only an OUNCE of originality. Everything else is as lazy as you could possibly get.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Compared to the MMPR this song is kinda lame considering that they copy the song and re-edit it.It's kinda cheap in my opinion.Still the original MMPR is better.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Saban's production team is a complete joke!!!!! Lazy bunch of suits. He's making Disney's production team look better and better.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    recycled song, much appreciated disney's pr

  5. Anonymous Says:

    seriously what the fuck this the mmpr theme and samurais version withh words chaged rangers forever is this a joke is someone trolling us wtf!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. Disney making Saban look dumb right now.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You people complain too much...

    Saban repeated Power Rangers' original theme for roughly 3 or 4 years (counting Zeo, although it has a twitch) and no one complained. Now, Saban decides to use again the revamped version used in Samurai and everyone throws the stones? C'mon, pals, you've doing a storm in a water glass for too long already. The theme is good and it even gained some nice addicional touches. Saban is trying it's best to improve and I support it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone know if the episodes will be uploaded here or on another site?
    I'm not from America but would want to watch it.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I dont watch power rangers anymore cause of stuff like this, I remember when songs were original.

  10. I liked the first five seconds of power metal. I understood that samurai had the original theme remade cuz it was going back to Saban, but this is ridiculous.

  11. recycled song, recycled footage, even the morphing is as same as goseiger, not improved a bit compare to the old series

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I swear, Power Rangers fans can NEVER be pleased.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Well I am happy its not a total remix of mmpr one like samurai fully. Its ok but I do wish we had more lines in song. But overall not to bad.

  14. This is like working on a presentation slides with pre-built templates -_-.

    And the BGMs are no different (judging from several clips they've released this week).
    This "Neo-Saban" since Samurai have always used these following chords only in orders, in every friggin scenes if you guys noticed: F - G# - Ab - C.
    It sounded rather cartoony than high-energy.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    What the fuck? It sounded so promising in the beginning then they went ahead and recycled the MMPR theme. How disappointing. I was looking forward to a new theme. Still, I'm hoping this season will turn out better than Samurai.

  16. Telenstias Says:

    Watch this be just the websites theme and the theme they are putting on the show is like ridiculously amazing.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    its sounds better than samurai theme and they didnt put the names of the characters like samurai did it reminds me of zeo when they remix the theme people always want to find some to complain about stuff they not helping or putting no money towards yall aint helping bring shows from japan like footage toys costumes i know that stuff aint cheap like at there toy price so put your money up or shut up

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Anon 6:
    To be fair, Zeo and Turbo did use the jingle/tune but they were mostly different due to differing start-up tunes and the build-up led to the famous tune we all know and "love" which is why people complained.

    This came close to accomplishing that but it sounds like they axed a different version stuck it on top of the original tune which is why the song does'nt mesh at all.

    They should've went with original lyrics and music till the Me-GA-FORCE at 0:30 and went with the that tune cos' the build-up to the anniversary tune would be a good pay off and satisfactory instead if just overshadow that one shred of originality they had. People online may disagree but this is how Zeo and Turbo did it and it worked.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    go go noam kaniel, go go noam kaniel, rangers together noam kaniel forever. go go noam kaniel, go go noam kaniel, rangers together, noam kaniel forever.

    it could actually not be noam kaniel and it could be a different theme entirely. the above is a parody.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Who ever said the morphing is the same as Goseiger never saw Goseiger...

    That said...the theme wouldn't be half as bad if it wasn't for Samurai refering Power Rangers so much. I would have preferred they saved it for this...the anniversary series. Coming right after samurai who aped all that stuff to get emotion, it comes off as cheap and lazy in a series that has a legitimate reason for making references to the past.

  21. Kamen Ranger Sheriff Says:

    Why the fuck can't they hire Ron Wasserman again? It's not like he's that busy and he's shown interest in coming back multiple times.

    He'll he even redid the MMPR themes recently.

  22. Orichalcum5 Says:

    I watched the first episode and I can confirm this is the theme, but it actually works with the opening sequence. We should be glad that there is some variation and not the exact same thing.

    Also,the episode itself was better acted than either of the samurai initial episodes (1 or 3) or even the original MMPR. It serves as a better intro to the characters and the conflict and includes some homages to the original show.

    So what i'm saying, is that the intro is the same, but it's more appropriate for it to be used here than in Samurai. Try not to be cynical about MMPR references and try and enjoy the show.

  23. Anonymous Says:


    "recycled song, recycled footage, even the morphing is as same as goseiger"

    The morphs are the same?! You definitely did not watch MegaForce *or* Goseiger if you think the morphs are the same. That goes for all you trolls on this site.

    And the song? Nobody had a problem when MMPR used the same song for years & Zeo updated it's theme but still kept the "Go Go Power Rangers" part.

    What gets me is you guys act worse than the kids that the show is supposed to be for. This shit ain't for you! Get over your entitlement. Anybody that sits here and says "The shows awful" or "I'm not watching" shouldn't have posts on anything else PRMF from here on out. Gekidan needs to moderate these whining trolls.

  24. Anonymous Says:


    Not a completely recycled morph, but they couldn't use the Gosei Angel Wings cause if you see angels anywhere in a kids show, people start complaining.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    All things considered, this isn't so bad.

    Sure, it's lazy to just recycle the theme from Samurai, but I like the new musical cues they stuck in there. They also make it feel less like a recycled version of the Samurai theme, such as the "rangers forever, megaforce altogether" at the beginning and the "Hey...Go!," which give it a slightly more "epic" feel.

    The rewrites are also fairly clever and the extra guitar bit at 0:33 makes it feel like an upgrade more than a re-hash. Not to mention, it would have been really easy to just have "rangers forever, megaforce together," and I appreciate that they didn't just replace "samurai" with "megaforce" wherever they could. Many of the rewrites (such as Hey, Go!) are also handled with the grandeur that they deserve.

    Overall, yeah, it WOULD be lazy to recycle the Saurai theme and use it here, but they DIDN'T. They used the Samurai theme as a template and added on to it, making a very solid song that works well for the show it's attached to. I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10.

    To the haters of this theme, I ask you: Would you like this theme any more or less if it had come out BEFORE Samurai?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    for people bitching about the show's theme, power rangers samurai and megaforce's main marketing is for todays kids children 10 and under.

    And the nostalgia is for people who watched MMPR back in the day and stopped watching the show during or after season 3

    megaforce theme is the mmpr and zeo of the Power rangers samurai decade.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    someone on youtube will post the episodes until youtube removes them due to the copyright laws.i dont know of any other sites that would stream the episodes other than maybe or maybe netflix at some point might have them on their site to watch but if your overseas and want to see the series your probably going to have to wait untill they put the series out on dvd.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Not really surprise. Pr opening tend to repeat the series name over again and say some stuff about it like the motif. You cant really do much with mega force song wise without boasting

    However since mega force is based two series. You
    really do much without spoiling the lator.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Very bad the opening theme of Megaforce

    Represents the lack of criativity of recent sound producers in the Nickelodeon Era of Power Rangers,since Samurai

    Where are the criativity of older series?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Although it seems repetitive... Damn! I can't stop listening to this! Rock on, Rangers!

  31. One word: UNIMPRESSED!!!
    So far, lame. This got to be better, or else I'm going back to Super Sentai videos.

  32. V Says:

    Can we please, please, please STOP with the Mighty Morphin Nostalgia Rangers crap? Rehashing the original MMPR theme AGAIN since Samurai just seems lazy

  33. WillowWisp Says:

    @Anonymous, 10:12 PM

    What you seem to have forgotten is that that case was justified. The first three seasons of Power Rangers all bared the same title of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Not only that, but while the later seasons used enemies and mechs from other Sentai, the suits that the MMPR rangers used remained the same until Zeo.

    When Zeo came about, there was still a bit of Go Go Power Rangers in the theme, but it was overshadowed by the uniqueness of the rest of the theme.

    However, this is no excuse. We now have new suits that are different from the ones in Samurai, and new Rangers to boot. But the theme is relatively the same with only the TINIEST of changes.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else notice gosieknight in megaforce/gosie red visor

  35. Stardust Says:



  36. Anonymous Says:

    Yeeeeeah....about that.....

  37. Anonymous Says:

    And for the real reason that Saban reused the MMPR theme for both Samurai AND the same reason each season gets split into 20 episode "double seasons"; It's NICK that is forcing it. Nick told Saban not to change the theme songs from the original MMPR because it's recognizable and it wouldn't confuse people from think that they're different shows...even though EVEYONE knows that if it's called Power Rangers, it's the same bloody franchise. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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