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Walter Jones, Erika Fong Declines Power Rangers Super Megaforce Cameo

Walter Jones, known for his role as Zack/Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, stated in a tweet that he declined the invitation to appear in the future episodes of Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

In his Twitter post, which was sadly deleted, he commented, “I just want to say sorry to all the Power Ranger Fans! I will not be in Super Mega Force. It would have been great though!” He would be appearing as a guest in Comicpalooza along with David Yost (who also declines the invitation) and Alpha 5's voice actor Richard Horvitz.

Additionally, Erika Fong, who previously played Mia/Pink Samurai Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai, had also declined the offer. She stated that she is currently working on a new project was the reason she can't make it.

Nine past cast members are said to have been confirmed to appear. Filming for the said episodes will be on May 25th and 26th.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the 21st season of Power Rangers continuing the celebration of the series 20th anniversary. The Megaforce rangers, will acquire a new "power up" in Super Megaforce and must be in this "new power-up" (Gokaiger suit) to transform into past rangers... This will also feature the appearance of the "historical rangers".

via RangerCrew

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27 Responses
  1. Wonder why Walter Jones declined. He didn't say so in his post. Man, only nine people so far and I'm assuming 20 episodes...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Walter (Black) not Adam (Black 2) =3

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So close roped us in with Jason David Frank,Danny Slavin,and many others. You brought our hopes up,thinking that Super Megaforce won't be as bad as we thought. And then this happened. *insert fail music here*

  4. Anonymous Says:

    good for walter, saban virtually enslaved him along with the entire original cast while thuy trang was alive. thuy we miss you.

    erica i can understand having declined, the rest of the cast will take time out. hopefully he (saban/the old man) hires a stand in for erica or does decent ADR for her.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Couldn't Saban take the money that would have been paid to those who declined and invite others instead?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think Saban would have gotten more acceptances if they sent the email out sooner, cause it seems that Saban just send the email a few months before production and on such short notice its hard to just simply say yes. I dont have much high expectations for this series. The idea of angels to pirates is just too weird, it might have worked back in in mighty morphin but oh well...

  7. Anonymous Says:

    so no samurai team up??

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Well, this is gonna mess up the team-up for Samurai and Megaforce. Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow are coming back. But Pink isn't returning?!


  9. Jeremy Says:

    ok i understood the rangers of decades past but last year MIA not appearing is kinda ridicoulous oh well. back to my cave

  10. Anonymous Says:

    As a PR fan, I'm actually pretty dissapointed in super megaforce. Not in the fact that not many people have agreed to come back, but the fact that the last PR series has just been trying to be flashy. Like come on, 5 upgrade modes? half of which were just recolors too. It really kinda feels like Saban's attempt to try to copy Kamen Rider or something, like they just wanna have a upgrade or battlizer mode. And do power rangers really need an upgrade mode just to pilot their zords?!?!?! I feel Saban wasted a lot of money on suits in samurai when that money could of went to the story line. Hopefully Saban that you dont make an upgrade form for gokaigers cause that would be stupid and eliminate the reason for gokai changes. If I even hear a rumor of something like "super pirated form" or "legendary pirate mode" all hope I have left in PR will die instantaneously. Just because I think the last series was just bad, I hope megaforce isnt extended like samurai cause that was just too long. They just had too much junk, and why do they like making red rangers martial artist? Troy/ Megaforce red is a martial artist, so basically he practices how to fight and he just keeps fighting when there is trouble. It kinda feels like they limited the characters, especially since Troy is supposed to be kinda strict which I think will be hard to transition to Marvelous' character, who is laidback and kinda go with the flow. And maybe the kids will buy into this, but for me I'd rather had have Saban replace gosei powers with gokaigers like in MMPR just because gokaiger is an upgrade form that can change to other forms.... So its kinda like Gokaigers is just a base form that doesnt really have a significant value, its just that form you kinda have to have to go into another. So I wish they just changed powers all together. And if Gokaiger is a super mode of the normal goseiger suit isnt it kinda like a downgrade when they change to goseigers, it seems kinda contriversal and confusing if they do this. And just a little extra, the fighting styles of gokaigers and goseigers are so different. goseigers had individual weapons while gokaigers had a team set and some of the transition works, but gokai green dual wielded guns but gosei black had an axe so thats a problem.... Maybe they should think of replacing members like MMPR. Hopefully they smooth out these bumps and make a great series.

  11. Kirtro Says:

    I thought there was a clause in the samurai cast's contract that required them to show up? though i've heard differing conditions from them having to remain available for a year after shooting to saban claiming the right to veto any work they could do two years after shooting. ah well cause neither case is true. oh well

  12. Anonymous Says:

    erika fong is so beutifull it sucks that she cant rejoin the cast.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    May 16, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    Saban Brands are FUCKING Morons!!!!!!!!!! Everything about this upcoming season feels wrong in every way. We saw TOEI do everything right with Gokaiger. Not one single complaint about that season. I'll watch Super Mega Farce for a couple of episodes, before I give my final analysis. So far, it doesn't look good.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Dude shut up okay, the man had prior engagements that he couldn't blow off. This is in no way shape or form Sabans fault. Same thing goes for Ericka

    Next time you want to hate on Saban try reading why the actors declined douchebag

  15. marty Says:

    if you people dont like megaforce and later super megaforce form a group and petition to let saban (or nickelodeon) to cancel the show and let it revive for 10 years with an adaptation of any future sentai.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Samurai suck ass anyway hardly a big problem

  17. Anonymous Says:

    @May 16, 2013 at 8:52 PM

    Actually, it is Saban's fault. On top of low wages. Walter declined in support of David Yost and how he was treated on the show. Google it genius!! Fan boy Saban apologist like yourself give legitimate Power Rangers Fans a bad name. Erica's reasoning is true. She does have prior engagements. However, the fault still lies with Power Rangers Productions as they "CHOSE TO WAIT TO THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT TO ATTEMPT TO GET PREVIOUS RANGERS BACK". No love lost though. Samurai sucked anyways.

  18. arale norimaki Says:

    Walter Jones tells TMZ he was treated pretty badly, too ... and he's following his friend's lead.

    "I'm very sorry to disappoint the fans as I would have loved to be a part of it," Jones tells TMZ. "David, who I still keep in touch with regularly, is a very great guy and it would have been fun to work together again on something we helped originate."

    But sources close to the situation tell TMZ the alleged abuse isn't the only factor ... that both Yost and Jones are holding out in part because the show isn't offering enough money to make up for the way producers treated them.

  19. Jeremy Says:

    @marty...Power rangers is nothing more than 30 min commercials for the toys/merchandise. i dont think nick nor saban will care if a bunch of 20-30yo men griping and file a petition because things arent fitting their needs or going the way they like. I dont watch power rangers stopped that when i was a kid. would have skimmed thru super megaforce for the cameos but no need to now. It would have been nice but my life will still go on ill still collect the mech.

    I think its sad a bunch of grown men griping over a kids show. Did you never grow up. The show was gonna get moronic and repetive eventually as you got older but your still holding onto your childhood, because only god knows why. Embrace adult life, you can have your PR collecting hobby, but get over yourselves when it comes to this show.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    It's unfortunate about Walter Jones, I would love to see him do Hip Hop Kido again.

  21. marty Says:

    You do have a point,But do the current generation of our kids really like the show?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Firstly, to all the gokaiger fans. Let me remind you how toei created and released the peice of crap film super hero taisen. Remember how bad that was, no story and all the action was meh?

    Secondly, Power Rangers Samurai was one of the best Power Rangers seasons right next to Time Force. Not comparing it to it's sentai counterpart, it sucks then. But by power rangers standards it was by far a great season, with great story and so-so acting and action.

    Third, the name doesn't matter, the trasition from angels to pirates don't matter(The series does not mention angels at all, that's why the title is generic), and the actors don't need to be changed because they're all just a mixed of the gokaigers and goseigers characters. I see a bit of alata and mavelous in troy, I see moune and luka in gia, I sea agri and don in jake, I see Eri and ahim in Emma. I'm pretty sure we all see this. The only one who's only like their goseiger counterpart is noah and that's probably because they plan to slowly build his character into someone who's a fighter.

    Lastly, I'm sure they'll figure out how to cram in as many people into this show anyway. I don't mind having a more assorted cast instead of just all red rangers like gokaiger seemed to be.
    I actually look forward to this season even though there's not much to look forward to.
    And no matter how much you haters complain, this show is here to stay until saban wastes their budget on a series that screws them over.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I find it funny that people don't type that "Saban failed!!!!!!!11!!1" crap when it's announced that some people are coming back, but as soon as somebody declines the trolls on this site start to act like little moronic kids... And what's fucked up is the show's main target audience right now is kids from 5+ up and the "adults" here don't understand that. The newer generation of kids really don't care which actors are coming back. Hell, most of the never saw MMPR-Turbo. As long as Tommy is there, you don't need anybody else from MMPR. Getting Adam back as the MMPR Black Ranger would be fine enough.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunate that Zach won't be returning, but then again that's the price Saban pays for not Unionising the show.

    Bit more disappointed about Erika Fong though, because that now means we won't get a full Samurai/Megaforce teamup

  25. BeastFang Says:

    @anon May 17, 2013 at 2:04 AM

    Are you saying Samurai has better story than its Sentai counterpart?'s THE EXACT SAME STORY, they even used THE SAME DIALOGUE. Samurai is one of the most unoriginal series ever in history of Power Rangers.

    Calling it to be on the same level as Time Force is one of the most idiotic thing I've ever heard.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    May 17, 2013 at 2:04 AM

    "Power Rangers Samurai was one of the best Power Rangers seasons right next to Time Force".

    Woah! Could you be an even more obvious troll?? Samurai doesn't even belong in the same sentence as Time Force. I hope your joking..

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Erika Fong won't be in Super Megaforce. That doesn't mean she won't be in the Samurai/Megaforce team up. They would have filmed the team up movie months ago anyway. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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