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Kamen Rider Icarus Revealed on Kamen Rider Fourze Novel

As the Kamen Rider Fourze Novel was released last March 1st, answers has come to the questions left by the TV series.

First to those who were inside the M-BUS. With the help of the Cosmic States, Gentarou transported Sonoda Sarina (Scorpion), Kijima Natsuji (Cancer) and Sugiura Yuta (Taurus) back to Earth.

Next is regarding the new Kamen Rider presented in the novel, Kamen Rider Icarus. Just like Nadeshiko, this new Rider is a a part of SOLU which stuck on Virgo Zordiarts while fighting during the Movie Wars MEGA MAX.

Unknowingly, Virgo accidentally bring back SOLU, causing it to transform into Icarus.

via OrendsRange | lazycoconut of HJU | DecaEnd of HJU

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