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Kamen Rider Drive: Masami Hiroichi Is Cobra-gata Roidmude 001

So after last sunday's awesome Kamen Rider Chaser debut episode, we are also introduced to this mysterious Roidmude that made his presence felt in episode 25. And the good news is, he's portrayed by an Ultra series actor, Masami Hiroichi.

Masami Hiroichi will portray the human form of Roidmude 001, Souichi Shinei, who is also the Secretary of National Defense. The Roidmude govt, inside-man has something to do with the death of Shinnosuke's Father, Eisuke Tomari.

Masami Horiuchi had previously appeared as guest star in many Ultraman Series such as Ultraman 80 (Yamaoka in episode 9), Ultraman Tiga (Professor Kurita in episode 40), Ultraman Dyna (Member of a Company who had lost their memory in episode 38), Ultraman Gaia (Demon of eestruction Zebubu/Grim Reaper in Episode 47), Ultra Q dark fantasy (Yoshihiko Kadono in episode 24) & Ultraseven X (Professor Yabujima in episode 9). As a regular cast had appeared in Ultraman Nexus to play Yoichiro Matsunaga. He had made a cameo appearance in Ultraman Max episode 24 to play Yojiro Matsunaga & later in Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers to play Kobe's Mayor Matsunaga. He had also played Tetsushi Humano in Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of Stars.

Source: Nihon Hero

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