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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - The New Vice Shoguns & Tsurugi's Past Revealed

Here are some new Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger magazine scans featuring the untold origin of the Phoenix Soldier plus meet the 3 new Vice Shoguns of the Jark Matter Organization!

Before reading the legendary story that is Tsurugi Ootori, let's meet the new Jark Matter Vice Shoguns that made their presence felt last Sunday. They are Teechu (the one with the long neck), Cuculga (shield user) and Akyanba, the female one.

Now on to Tsurugi's origin: Thanks to the power of the Phoenix Kyutama, Tsurugi was granted eternal life. 

He fought against the Jark Matter Organization alongside his comrades Orion/Ohlion, Cuerbeau (his partner from the crow installation) and the 88 saviors until he sacrificed his immortality to defeat Don Armage.

Next week, he butt heads with Lucky boasting and telling the whole world that he defeated Don Armage. When the two warriors come to settle their differences, a new Voyager formation will be born: Kyutamajin!

Translations by Filip
Image source: Heroshock

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