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Kamen Rider EX-AID - To Clear The Final Stage Of The Game! Chronos Becomes Powerful!

The game of survival is at its final stage as Emu and the rest of the Gamer Riders prepare for the fight of their lives! Check-out this Kamen Rider EX-AID magazine scans featuring the final battle!

Filled with determination, Pallad finally decides to fight with Emu against Masamune Dan/kamen Rider Chronos!

Once all of the Bugstars are defeated and their games cleared, the final boss and strongest of all Bugstars will appear and he is called Gemdeus! As for Masamune, he will not accept defeat so he decides to merge with Gemdeus to become Gemdeus Chronos, the golden colored Kamen Rider Chronos!

In the final battle, all Gamer Riders will fight side by side! Gemdeus will transform into Super Gemdeus while Emu fights Chronos without transforming into EX-AID! And who is this other Chronos that is fighting Gemdeus Chronos?

Source: Nihon Hero

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13 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Emu's going to use Rider Chronicle Gashat and henshin into Chronos to fight Gemdeus Chronos...proof, the weapon Chronos is holding is the Gashacon KeySlasher

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Scratch that, its Kuroto. Chronos is holding Gashacon Breaker and only Kuroto have been using that since his reappearance.

  3. Kamen Rider Olympus Says:

    The other Cronus is using a gamer drive! I bet it´s Nico, since Cronus is suposed to be the final powerup in KR Chronicles, and if she survive de Gemndeus infection she probably will develop the ultimate antibody that is necessary to use the Cronus Gashat

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Love how the two evil riders turn good for the final fight i dont remember if thats happen before

  5. Guy Says:

    I think the other Cronus is Kuroto Dan since I can see a Gamer Driver. And who else would have the Gashacon Breaker 🤔

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That's... That's the Gashacon Breaker... Oh my god, the other Chronos is Emu.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Wait, I take back what I said, I didn't see the Magnum in that little picture.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Dammmmmmn didn't see this coming i thought it would just gemdeus !!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Man, Chronos REALLY wants to be Odin.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    No doubt in my mind nico saiba/ ride player nico who is the only rider player who has made it this far into Kamen rider cronus and has gained almost all the necessary gashat trophies needed to summon gemedeus so their is no doubt she would be able to become the next Kamen rider Cronus nico version

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It happened before, Kiva and Dark Kiva

  12. Tensai Gamer M Says:

    We could have two different (actually four) hypothesis.
    1. Shin Dan Kuroto
    Maybe... because he is now a Bugster he can use Chronos Power without any side effect. Don't forget that he has the Gashacon Breaker in his Level 0 form. We can assume that Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat can be used as a Level 3/Level 0-X type Gashat, infact Chronos Henshin Jingle can be triggered also when using Kamen Rider Chronicle as a Level 3 Gashat in a Gamer Driver
    2. Hojo Emu
    I can't see why... We can clearly see that he has Hyper Muteki in his possession again both in the Movie AND in the series, so why use an "inferior" Gashat such as Kamen Rider Chronicle, if Hyper Muteki can beat Chronos? Maybe the only one who can beat Gemdeus Chronos is actually Chronos himself. We can also see that Emu isn't going to use (at least for the picture) Maximum Mighty X. Instead he is going to use Mighty Action X, just like Hiiro (Taddle Quest), Taiga (Bang Bang Simulation) AND I assume even Kiriya reverted back to his previous Bakusou Bike Gashat.

    BUT! Because that's a "Black and White" picture we can't actually say who is the New Chronos. So here are the other hypothesis.
    3. Saiba Nico
    That would be perfect. The power of Chronos can be given to anyone who beat EVERY Component Bugster. We can assume that Parad is actually defeated and that Graphite has been defeated by Nico-chan using the Gashacon Magnum. Nico has successifully defeated every Component Bugster so she gained Chronos power.
    4. ANOTHER RIDER (actually that's kinda a spoiler)
    In the end of an episode (I won't say which so you can still watch it and I purposely lied in the time of the scene so that you REALLY HAVE TO watch it entirely) we can see three Gamer Drivers. We can assume that one of them is for Hurricane Ninja for Johnny Maxima and that he IS NOT Gemdeus in the series from what we know. Infact the Movie's Gemdeus is known as Gemdeus Machina.
    However, something must have gone wrong.

    Personally I think that Another Chronos is Emu. Just look at Emu vs Gemdeus Chronos. That doesn't looks like a Gamer Driver.

  13. Unknown Says:

    Dan kuroto is Chronos

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