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Tokusatsu Hero Video Games From Then Till Now

Let's all take a blast from the past and travel back to the present as Japanese youtube user 進化の軌跡チャンネル shows us some of the tokusatsu hero video games that we have all grown playing from Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Ultraman and Godzilla.

Back in the 90's in my grade school days, the Chojin Sentai Jetman game for the NES was one of the hottest game in our friendly video rental store and everybody was falling in line to play the game. Then came the SNES era with the Ultraman along with the SD Kamen Rider games but the most awesome thing that happened was Power Rangers The Fighting edition. As of now, i'm still playing Ultraman Fighting Evolution and Kamen Rider Climax Heroes for the PSP and i'm on the hunt to play the Battride Wars game. 

What where your favorite toku hero games back in the days till now? Share us your memories down the comments section below. Damn it's so good to be young again.

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