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Bandai Introduces Eco Friendly Super Sentai & Kamen Rider Toys

Looking for some new toys that will not just make you happy and stand-out in your collection but protect mother nature itself? Well, worry no more as the good folks at Bandai got you covered with their newest Eco Medal products!

Introducing the Eco Medal Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Kyutama Gattai Series 1 and the Kamen Rider Build Shotgun, toys that uses less unnecessary packaging and are all eco friendly.

The Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Kyutama Gattai Series 1 uses less plastic to connect the parts of Kyurenoh while the Kamen Rider Build Shotgun has internal mechanisms that allow you to play the toy's sound without using batteries.

Source: Daisuki Toku

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  1. Anonymous Says:

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