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All New 2018 Ultraman Series Rumor: Ultraman Signal

After last time's Ultraman Falcon rumor, another this year's still unnamed Ultra series has surfaced and this is another one of those bloodline type hero but this time, instead of 2 Ultra warriors fusing, it's gonna be a mix of Ultra and Kaiju! Again, take this one with a grain of salt!

Entitled Ultraman Signal, the protagonist in this series is said to be the son of Ultraman Taro, who uses the Ultra Disk to transform into a giant warrior of light. His forms are a combination of of an Ultraman and a Kaiju.

His default form is called Dynarise (Ultraman Taro and Eleking) while his other forms are called Rampage (Ultraman Nexus and Ismael) and Beatquest (Ultraman X and Cyber Gomora).

The cast is said to be consisted of Yousuke Sugino, Takamasa Suga (Kamen Rider Ryuki) and Raura Iida 

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4 Responses
  1. Takamusa Suga? That's interesting. I don't think he's appeared in any toku since Ryuki (excluding Hassei Takano's movie).

  2. Takamusa Suga? That's interesting. I don't think he's been in any toku since Ryuki (excluding Hassei Takano's film).

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What I find interesting is that both of these rumours have one thing in common: the "Ultra Disk".

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well at least it's not yet another fusion of two ultras... Remember when Ultramen had their own power? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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