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My Top 10 HKT48 Members

Inspired to make another to 10 list thanks to an event I went to recently (you can find it here), I'd like to share with you guys my top10 members from HKT48.

Quick Overview/Introduction:

HKT48 is an idol group formed by Yasushi Akimoto as the 3rd sister group of AKB48. The group made its debut in November 2011 in Hakata, Fukuoka.

Now, let's go to my favorite members!

I'l be giving a brief history of each member, and the reasons why they are loved by fans, as well as some songs that they participated in. I'll also indicate which members I've met in person before. As for #1 and #2, I'm including the shots from when I met them!

1. Yamamoto Mao (山本 茉央)

I'm starting this list with my most favorite member, Yamamoto Mao, known by fans as Maopani.

The way she joined HKT48 was different from most members. She was part of the 1st AKB48 Group Draft, where current members of each 48 group would select from a pool of candidates. Mao was the only pick of HKT48 that time.

She made her major debut in HKT48's 4th single "Hikaeme I Love You" as one of the featured members in said song. She later became center for "Kisu wa Toosugiru yo", a coupling song of the single "Bagutte Iijan".

She is known for making funny faces, and her love of golf. She is also jokingly dubbed as "thief" by other members, because she is always first to take snacks from their dressing room, to which she openly admits.

She's the only member that I've personally met twice, The first was in a handshake event in 2016, and recently in the photo session seen in the picture above.

2. Oda Ayaka (小田 彩加)

Known as Ayaka-chan, Oda-chan, or O.D.A., Oda Ayaka was actually already known by fans prior to joining HKT48.

Ayaka was featured in the show "HKT48 no Goboten", in a segment where members went around different campuses to look for the most popular girls in each school. She was featured on the show for being a school uniform model of their school. Members Matsuoka Natsumi and Komada Hiroka commented on how Ayaka can potentially become a member of HKT48.

HKT48 no Goboten returned to her school, this time with Sashihara Rino, HKT48's most prominent member (as well as assistant theater manager), to see her potential. Out of all the schoolgirls featured on the show, Ayaka was the only one featured twice. She eventually took HKT48's 4th generation auditions, passed, and made her debut in July 2016, and was one of the featured members in the single "Bagutte Iijan".

Ayaka is also known for believing in aliens. She has a close relationship with Tsukiashi Amane.

3. Tsukiashi Amane (月足天音)

An idol fan who became an idol herself, she's Tsukiashi Amane.

Making her debut in July 2016, Amane is known for acting cool on the outside, but sweet on the inside. A fast-rising star within the group, She has been featured in "Bagutte Iijan", and "Kisu wa Matsushikanai Deshouka?"

As an idol otaku herself, she loves collecting magazines and photobooks, especially those with idols in swimsuits. She is particularly fond of Asakawa Nana from the group SUPER☆GIRLS.
Within the group, she is typically close to either Oda Ayaka or Toyonaga Aki

4. Toyonaga Aki (豊永 阿紀)

Prior to joining HKT48, Toyonaga Aki was part of a talent search entitled "Last Heroine". Depite not making the final cut, she was one of the finalists on the show.

Making her debut as a 4th generation member of HKT48 in July 2016, she quickly became popular with the fans.

She is an all-rounder, with looks and talent to boot. Hence, her populartiy. She was featured in "Kisu wa Matsushikanai Deshouka?"

She has a friendly rivalry with Tsukiashi Amane.

5. Sakai Moeka (堺 萌香)

Sakai Moeka is a member of HKT48's 4th generation.

Known as Oimochan, she's one of the smallest members relative to her age. At 19 years old (as of this post), standing at 148 centimeters (around 4'8), and given her babyfaced looks, she is often teased, being called either a middle schooler, or worse, a grade schooler.

However, despite her stature, Moeka is a practitioner of Shorinji Kenpo, a Japanese version of Kung-Fu, which she showcases on several events.

So far, Moeka is yet to become a featured member in a carrier single, but has participated in coupling songs such as "Hakusen no uchigawa de", "Kisu wa Toosugiru yo", and "Sakuranbo wo Musuberu ka?".

6. Tomonaga Mio (朝長 美桜)

Tomonaga Mio made her debut in November 2012 as a 2nd generation member. She quickly became popular because of her "little sister" character and innocent aura. As she matured, so did her character.

Her popularity has made her a consistently featured member in all of HKT48's carrier singles, since their debut single "Suki! Suki! Skip!".
Despite being known as one of the worst singers in the group, she is actually quite a capable dancer.

She isclose to fellow 2nd generation member Tashima Meru.
Mio also has her own YouTube channel, mainly focusing on make-up/beauty tips. Check it out here.

I met Mio in a handshake event in 2015, and is one of the first idols I've ever met.

7. Tashima Meru (田島 芽瑠)

Tashima Meru debuted as a 2nd generation member in 2012.

She was the first center of HKT48, centering their debut single "Suki! Suki! Skip!". She also held double center positions with Tomonaga Mio for "Melon Juice", and "Sakura, Minna de Tabeta", consecutively. Se is also a consistently featured member for all singles so far (except Bagutte Iijan).

Meru is an avid book lover, as she frequently posts about them on her social media. She is also a "kissing monster", trying to kiss all other members. Though, she is particularly close to Tomonaga Mio

Before joining HKT48, Meru actually auditioned for Morning Musume's 10th generation auditions, though she failed. Had she been accepted in the group, she would've been groupmates with Kudo Haruka, aka Lupin Yellow!

I met Meru in 2016, when alongside Mao, when they happened to be together in the same lane.

8. Tanaka Miku (田中 美久)

Tanaka Miku is a 3rd generation member, who debuted in November 2013.

She quickly became popular alongside batchmate Yabuki Nako, and both were immediately chosen to be featured in "Sakura, Minna de Tabeta". She has been consistently featured ever since.

She is known to be sweet to fans, thus her popularity.

9. Yamauchi Yuna (山内 祐奈)

Yamauchi Yuna made her debut in November 2013 as a 3rd generation member.

She is known for being a klutz and is bad at sports, but is shown to be good at tap dancing.

Yuna has never been featured in carrier singles so far, but is featured in coupling songs such as "Hohoemi Popcorn", "Soramimi Rock", "Kisu wa Toosugiru yo", and many others.

10. Takeda Tomoka (武田 智加)

Takeda Tomoka is also a 4th generation member of HKT48.

A fresh face in the group, Tomoka is known as a "little sister" type member.

She had her major debut as a featured member in "Bagutte Iijan". She was also featured in Bagutte Iijan's coupling song "Hakusen no Uchigawa de" alongside fellow 4th generation member Jitoe Nene in a double center position.

To other HKT fans out there, who are your favorites? let me know in the comments.

Also, follow them on Twitter!

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