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Video Review: S.H. FiguArts Genocider

Here is a video review of the eleventh Kamen Rider Ryuki SH FiguArts that was recently released! S.H. FiguArts Genocider represents the union of three monsters acquired by Kamen Rider Ouja of the Kamen Rider Ryuki TV series.

S.H. FiguArts Genocider stands 350mm and can be separated into three individual Mirror Monsters — Venosnaker, Gai's Metalgelas, and Raia's Evil Diver. Three pieces of stands, 3 Advent cards are also be included. Check out the video review below.

Upon pre-order, S.H. FiguArts Genocider costs 10,500 yen, or about US$125.

If you are interested in getting S.H. FiguArts Genocider, please do go to our list of middlemen on this blog's blogroll. Please do remember that you will need to pay the base price + middleman fee + shipping to get this figure if you live outside Japan.

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