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Kamen Rider Beast Hyper Unveiled

Kamen Rider Beast Hyper is Beast's upgraded form from the Kamen Rider Wizard TV series. The latest magazine issue had revealed more images of it, and some new information from the show, including the battle against Medusa.

Beast Hyper can be utilized using the "Hyper" Wizard Ring. His main weapon is the Reflective Beast Gun (Kyomen JyuJu) Mirage Magnum. More images of it can be seen here:

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episodes of Kamen Rider Wizard, with Phoenix gone, Medusa will be the only one who can do Wiseman's commands. Gremlin shows up to help her achieve his requests. But both Kamen Rider Wizard and Beast, will do their best to beat her.

In the image above, Kamen Rider Wizard utilizes the DragoTimer to split himself in to four Dragon "styles", trying to beat Medusa's attacks from all directions.

Lastly, the magazine also showed a silhouette of Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity. No other information is revealed as of writing, aside Kamen Rider Beast Hyper's debut by the 29th episode.

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21 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    METEOR STORM!!!!! lol

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like super powerful solar powered Phoenix too. That's more exciting than any of this.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Beast hasn't fought that much, even showcased his various finishers, and now an upgrade already?

    Aww... too much rushing.

  5. I must say... hyper beast looks awesome but I wish the color scheme was different. It comes off as too similar to meteor storm.

  6. Stardust Says:

    And it looks like Phoenix is battling Medusa again, this time outdoor (which means Phoenix has an even better chance this time, since he can fly)

    Though I wonder if it isn't just some kind of promotional image that has no impact on the show, since I also heard that Yuugo's actor has received the flowers from the crew, which means he won't appear again in any future episodes....

    Also, another Dress Up moment?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    oh guess i'm figured that out . Phoenix return and more powerful than ever . So Haruto plan to seal him in the sun is not work. this time Beast will have to eat him up

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Doraemon Rider?

  9. Phoenix is gone people. His actor got flowers after his last episode. He's gone. It's just a promotional image.

  10. Yea agree those phoenix pic are from last battle throw in the sun..phoenix character are dead!..also based from pic beast hyper fight scene vs shark phantom which 2 or 3 more episode for Beast Hyper debut!

  11. Every second Rider I know is a powered up blue. Knight, Ixa, Accel, Meteor and now Beast.

  12. Just Jack Says:

    Exactly 6th Anon. Beast has been pretty much non-existent since his debut. Hell, his debut was his only time in the spot light, after that he disappeared into the shadows. And now he's supposed to get an upgrade? Why. He hasn't done anything yet. His only real drawn out fight was (again) during his debut. Is he going to get his upgrade just for the sake of getting an upgrade and then disappearing into the shadows again? This could of easily been excused if they had just let him eat Phoenix! Then he wouldn't look like a lame background character.

    I don't know guys, this just upsets me. Look at 2nd riders like Meteor, Birth, or Axel. They had a ton of screen time to establish their characters, for them to show their strength, and then eventually get their ass kicked so bad that they needed the upgrade! Beast... Beast hasn't really shown anything of worth to warrant a power up.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    For the so-called Kamen Rider/ Tokusatsu experst on this posts:

    Beast Hyper is Blue and Gold because he is modeled after a Sphinx. You know how the Sphinx from OhRanger was Blue & Gold? Yeah. A Sphinx is a type of Chimera.

  14. Phoenix Says:

    Sooo, Wiseman is probably not going to be doing much anytime too soon.

    Honestly, what the heck does he do, apart from lie in a bed, puke stones from his chest and hang around in dark, dank underground environments?

    Oh well, more Gremlin trolling and Medusa going all-out is cool. Beast Hyper is still ugly. I never liked that colour combination when Meteor broke out of the wardrobe with it and I don't like it here.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Somebody repaint Hyper Beast he looks to silly.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    it looks like the love child of Rising Ixa, Meteor Storm and a cowboy. We'll see but I can't really complain, it's not the worse thing I've seen.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I really hope they don't over-use this Wizard Sentai thing. It seems unfair.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else think Hyper Beast looks like Rising IXA from Kiva?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Beast Hyper doesn't look that bad after seeing these pics. Even though the color scheme is the same as Meteor Storm, I still like this upgrade form. Since the upcoming episodes are going to be about Medusa it seems she is going to die soon too. My guess is Beast Hyper takes her down.

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