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"Transformers GO!" First Image Revealed

It has been reported that the new Transformers GO! toy line will be inspiring a new Japanese-only anime series, and its first image had been revealed! Instead of a television series, GO! will be a supplemental DVD from TV-kun and TV Magazine.

In addition to the Japanese versions of the Transformers Beast Hunters characters, the anime will feature two new combiners: the Samurai team gattai robo, Gokenzan, fighting for the Autobots/Cybertrons, while Ninja team gattai robo, Gogekisou, who works for the Decepticons/Destrons.

The above toys are G-01 Kenzan Samurai (police mobile), G-02 Jinbu Samurai (fighter jet), and G-03 Ganoh Samurai (firetruck). Additionally, here are some scans featuring the Transformers Beast Hunters who could be taking part in this new anime as part of the Transformer GO! toy line.

Seen above are G11 Hunter Optimus Prime, G12 Dragotron (Predaking in English), G13 Hunter Shockwave, G14 Hunter Bumblebee, G15 Hunter Bulkhead, G16 Hunter Wheeljack, G17 Hunter Starscream, and G18 Hunter Soundwave.

Release date for Transformers GO! anime is yet to be revealed.

via TFW2005

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1 Response
  1. Unknown Says:

    I.....Wow...I don't know what to say..And why am I getting a feeling this is going to be Transformers Cyberton/ Energon all over again in terms of animation..This doesn't look good.

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