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Kamen Rider Gaimu Filming Spotted, Show to Start this October

A filming for the 15th Heisei Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Gaimu had just started today. Above is a photo from the alleged filming showing the back of the titular Kamen Rider. Seen behind him is Jumpei Shiokawa who worked as an assistant director in past Kamen Rider series.

Additionally, there are information that Kamen Rider Gaimu will start airing this October. Apparently, there's another show that will fill-in the Sundays of September after Kamen Rider Wizard had ended.

This will be the second time for a Heisei Kamen Rider to change its starting airdate. Kamen Rider W started out in September after Kamen Rider Decade ended with 31 episodes, a little over halfway of the regular Kamen Rider series. So expect Kamen Rider Gaimu images next month.

via Henshin Justice, Rising Sun Tokusatsu

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46 Responses
  1. Samurai Rider?
    Sengoku Rider? lol :P

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A Samurai is this a reference decade the 10th anniversary rider

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It doesn't look good as good from the back.Hopefully we see the front part of the rider next month.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    will they create another not so favorite one like hibiki or fourze??

  5. Bryd0 Says:

    That would explain the fact that filming of this will start in August, according to the other rumour post.

    And, I wonder what will be this short show between Wizard and Gaimu be... I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled. As for Gaimu himself, he looks cool so far.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The Samurai Rider authorized by providence, Gaimu! Going forth!

  7. marty Says:

    so in other words kamen rider series will be taking a short hiatus break after wizard and replacing it for now will be the kikaider revival as a miniseries.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So that means 49-53 episodes for Wizard. Samurai theme? Sweet!
    I'm hoping for possible Shinkenger levels of awesome!

    I wonder if he can switch to a ninja and a martial artist form....

    The show IS about martial arts so it would make sense that his forms would be based on the various types of warriors that have a specific style of fighting.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    It looks like a samurai from the back

  10. Anonymous Says:

    the helmet n body armor has bronze color?
    the belt has yellow strap color?

    what the...?color theme seems not match at all

  11. Anonymous Says:

    No it isn't a reference to decade every thing isn't always a reference. That doesnt even make sense.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    So what hes a.... Kamen Samurider?

  13. gokai killer Says:

    looks kinda like a metal hero more then a rider from the back

  14. Anonymous Says:

    i know that he is supposed to be a samurai but im sure theres going to be some people that will complain about the costumes design even before the series starts this fall.but im looing foward to seeing it myself.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    What's wrong with hibiki?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Thought of four riders for Gaimu:
    Western: secondary rider (cowboy).
    Maiden: female rider (knight).
    Warlord: evil rider.
    Siren: evil female rider.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting stuff. A samurai themed kamen rider. Looks very cool. But for me personally if they went the Japanese hero route, I would of loved a ninja rider. There was a rumor with online pictures of a kamen rider saido, and the design was amazing. The head had a shuriken visor over the classic bug eyes that most kamen riders have. It would of been awesome if that suit came to life.

    A samurai theme is something cool and interesting for kamen rider. It could be another Hibiki remake. Although I don't know what kind of collectable gimmick this series will have. Samurais are primitive so what possible item can they have???? The suit itself doesn't look too bad but the color scheme is weird, a bronze helmet and shoulder armor, with black and gold?

    Also it kinda sucks that this series starts in October. At first I thought Wizard would be extended which would be very stupid. But if September is reserved for something else. My guess is they might air some kamen rider heisei 15th anniversary special. Highlight all the riders from kuuga to wizard.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    The 10th anniversary Rider is RX not Decade. Decade only applies to the Heisei era.

    He looks pretty cool, but I can see the foolish "fan" hate has already begun. How long will it last after it airs this time?

  19. WOW! You are absolutely right. He's wielding a yamato sword. I can see it, Kamen Rider Gaimu will be surely one of the playable characters in Kamen Rider Battride Wars 2 in the future! I am so looking forward to this awesome new Kamen Rider series. :D

  20. Anonymous Says:

    No, they already created Wizard. Let them make something good to replace they taste of mediocrity that Wizard is leaving in our mouths.

  21. GoseiPirate Says:

    Probably he'll be able to 'cast off' into a ninja-esque form

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Yay its samurai dude, its more like a bettle i thnk. Go buster bettle+ sasword here. Nevermind how it wil be jz plz stop make a funny rider cz im sick of tht like den-o. Need more heavy plot story n dark side . Its ok to hav little comedy but pls not in entire series lol. The rider that i did seen at all is den-o only bcz toooo much funny then a fight. Rider tht i respect to the end is faiz, ryuki, blade, ooo only i tnk. But its juz my opinion only.pls no agry heheheh ^~^

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Don't end up like Wizard PLEASE!!

  24. marty Says:

    a samurai rider isnt so bad bad how bad can it be.

  25. Dukemum Says:

    Guess they trying v hard to match the elements with the past sentai counterparts?

    Wizard = Magiranger
    Gaimu = Shinkenger

    Just my thoughts, haha

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I was wishing for a Ninja themed rider too. Considering that its Hurricanger 10th anniversary and Hensei KR 15 th anniversary. Sad. Digging the design though.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I don't think anything causes me to question the direction of humanity as much as the comments left on toku related subjects..

    Honestly, I am very curious about the mental status of most toku related fans.

  28. marty Says:

    June 29, 2013

    what you say about a special about heisei riders in september you made a good point

  29. The Ballcrusher of swollen Fanboys Says:

    You mean awesome?

  30. Unknown Says:

    And then it will be kamen rider kaizoku lol

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Someone mentioned earlier about the 10th anniversary Rider being Kamen Rider Black RX, which remnds me...the new Rider kinda does look like RX. :)

  32. Anonymous Says:

    For wizard, dunno lar why im resist on him. Design, form, finishing, foe, final form all ok liow but my heart say no to him. The only rider make me "wooo!! Cool!!"I OOO/oz only. Hik my opinion oli.
    Kuuga-woo dark rider
    Agito-yay dual blader
    Ryuki-cool card system
    Faiz-damn!! Hot costume ever
    Blade- nice more card system n cool combination
    hibiki- errr ths kamen rider or a failed band??
    Kabuto- crazy!! Stop the time!!
    Den-o-geez better watch teletubies than ths.
    Kiva-wahhh nice heavy plot story
    Decade-at last all together!!
    W- like like cz im not big fan of dec.conan
    ooo-yahooo very cool rider ever.
    Fourze- what a jerk series
    wizard- all nice n best but nvm

  33. Anonymous Says:

    For those that are already complaining, cool off and wait for the see the show.
    For those that are already waiting to give it a chance but will complain once they see the show, don't watch it.
    For those that are gonna complain no matter what, get out of here because its a kid show, if you want something more serious theres Garo.

  34. W Says:

    @June 29, 2013 at 10:09 PM
    I'm so tired of the "it's a kid's show" argument. PEOPLE KNOW it's a show for kids and to sell toys.

    It doesn't necessarily mean people want something more serious (so go watch Garo), they just want shows written well.

    You're not proving much by using that "reason", because 1) there are super well written kid's shows, and 2) there are excellent Toku stories. If a reasonable person says a Rider show is bad, s/he is judging it against better Rider shows, which are ALL kid's shows.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    what? people already complaining after seeing this? =_=

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I'm willing to bet that his face is going to like kuuga.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Do you think they will do anniversary series for neo-hensei riders like how decade was for the hensei rider where da rider as da abiltily to change into neo-hensei riders?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    yeah yeah everybody noe alrdy ths is kids show. so can u tell me did kamen rider kiva suit for kids?? dont pretend tht u dont noe nowadays kid are more agresive then we'r. hahaha never seen kids watch sesame street, pocoyo or else now. man of steel oso hav a hard story did kids not allowed to watch ths?? nahh dun lying to me lar except u came from cave tht kids still playing a tin-tin game hahahaha.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Hibiki was awesome! Fourze well I liked it, I only disliked that he basically was a life size toy I feel his whole arsenal was made to specifically sell toys

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Im sorry but... Neo-Heisei riders are dull

  41. No The article states there will be a fill in Show in September Wizard will not get any extra episodes.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen rider Gaimu's getting kamen rider Black's month of airing, awesome

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Samurai theme sounds ok, but yeah, I think I'd be more interested in a ninja theme.

    The last Ninja feel/style Rider were BioRider (to some extent) and definitely ZX, right? I don't think there are any one newer.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    If it's true that Gaimu will air on October, I would've become a Phantom by then due to despair of not having KR for a month.... T.T

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Shinkenger decade crossover

  46. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder where is the number 6 theme

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