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Kamen Rider Wizard to End at Episode 53

The latest issue of Figure-Oh magazine reveals that the upcoming two-week Kamen Rider TV specials will be counted as part of Kamen Rider Wizard's episode count! Below are the titles of the episodes that will air on September.

Episode 49: The Beginning of the Sabbat (9/1)
Episode 50: What Are Important Things? (9/8)
Episode 51: The Final Hope (9/15)

The three episodes listed above are written by Tsuyoshi Kida. The last two episodes are written by Sho Aikawa (Kamen Rider Blade) and directed by Hidenori Ishida. The episodes are:

Episode 52: The Ring of Kamen Rider (9/22)
Episode 53: Neverending Story (9/29)

With 53 episodes, Kamen Rider Wizard is the current record holder of the longest Heisei Kamen Rider series, previously held by Kamen Rider Agito, who have 51. The two specials, according to the show's toy catalogs will feature the appearance of Kamen Rider Gaim.

via Henshin Justice

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24 Responses
  1. Mr. Maverick Says:

    this is longer than I expected

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wait, the writer for Blade is writing the last two episodes for Wizard? For anyone who remembers the incredible ending Blade had, this shit is gonna get intense...

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I'll give my assessment of Wizard.

    The best word to describe this season is: Bland

    The problem with Wizard is that its so boring and uninteresting that you don't care what happens.

    While there are neat twists and turn but the exection is so paint by numbers it ruins it.

    Haruto lacks vibrancy, seriously Gentaro has more personality and he's an anime stereotype. Rinko and Shunpei are practically pointless. Nitoh's comedic hijinks are so lame and barely does anyhing.

    Phantoms are uninteresting because theres barely a mythos to them. All they do is try to Gates into Phantoms by making them fall into despair but its very unconvincing. They are also very conspicous and as discreet as a rock n roll concert and the human disguises are so random it doesn't connect with the victim of the week.

    Fueki: Gamou was far more intimidating and all he did was sit in a chair
    Phoenix: the actor must be high as hell
    Gremlin: Nice try but no cigar. Isaka,Kijima,Lost Ankh were way better.

    Stylish action
    Criminally Under utilized songs

    Never explained why Wajima can make these rings

    It's better than Fourze but that's not saying much

    Final Grade: C+

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    So the last 2 episodes are going to connect Wizard and Gaim together?


  6. So 3 main episodes left while 2 TV specials that might close some plot holes or decisive conclusion and featuring Gaim since he wasn't introduced in the movie. I don't think this bad at all.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I guess Toei finally got tired of introducing a new Rider in the crossover movie...

    And not saying that Wizard is bad, but I kinda wished the previous titles that got the 53 episodes treatment. Some of them felt awfully rushed during the last episodes...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So as opposed to a random, nonsensical debut in the summer movie. We get like a little team up with Wizard and Gaim. I'm gonna bet ep 53 is gonna lead into the events of the Gaim series. This is better than the movie appearance. Movie war 2013 sneak peak.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This has got to be the longest running "Heisei" Kamen Rider series so far.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Sho Aikawa will be the one writing the ending for wizard ?? super fantastic ! hoping for an awesome ending

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I always felt Gokaiger should have gone for 55 episodes, just to set a record given the anniversary status (plus would haven given a few episodes for either a better finale or cameo/tribute, or even decent Doc back story).

  12. Anonymous Says:

    What an amazing, I think. And I've expected that, cause TOEI doesn't want to leave this coolest story of KR run off so quickly.... (y)

  13. andry Says:

    wow... 53 episodes?
    i hope i become a habit...

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! That's even longer than I thought.. so it's basically, another special for wizard to make up for the lack of new rider introduction on the previous movie

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I really wished they had used some of the songs more. Seriously they were good, but I only remember hearing Beast's theme in 1 episode(his debut). Also I think they missed out on some creepy factor by making all the Phantom's human disguises so inconspicuous. Like in OOO ANY ONE have spawned a monster.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    "Haruto lacks vibrancy, seriously Gentaro has more personality and he's an anime stereotype."

    Kinda hard be be all smiling and jumping around with joy when you're fighting despair throughout the whole series. Have you not been watching?! At this point, he's really going through it. He doesn't even know if he wants to "help" Koyomi or do the right thing and let her die so Fueki doesn't harm any more people.

    I really stopped taking you seriously after that one. In case you haven't noticed. Nitoh is the one who cheery. He makes a great second rider because he literally supports Haruto mentally and physically. It goves him more to do than just "being *there*".


  17. Anonymous Says:

    @Anonymous August 24, 2013 at 3:18 AM:

    1. " don't care what happens."

    "You"?! Who in the world chose you to be everybody's representative!?

    2. "Phantoms are uninteresting because theres barely a mythos to them."

    I didn't know that a Monster need a myth in order to be interesting.
    Phantoms in Wizard is like Tailed-Beasts in Naruto. The human hosts need to cooperate with
    the monsters inside them to fully utilize the power or else the monsters will kill its respective
    hosts (when certain requirements are met). I think the concept is interesting enough.

    3. "Gamou was far more intimidating and all he did was sit in a chair".

    Gamou looks intimidating because Gamou got the red-eyed special effect bonus
    while Fueki did not.
    Plus Gamou's motivation looks grander (than Fueki's): Executing the Day of Awakening in order to
    reach the Presenters; while Fueki's is simple and yet really strong:
    reviving her "daughter" no matter what the sacrifice. Gamou put most of the student Zodiarts under his magic-like
    mind control while Fueki used his wit by deceiving his Phantom followers.

    4. "Never explained why Wajima can make these rings"

    Aside from an antique shop owner, Wajima is also a professional ring-jeweller (an artisan who makes ring out
    of stones, gem, etc). BUT, Wajima did not create the Magic Stones. Wajima knows nothing about magic
    and is up to Haruto himself to test the newly created-ring out.
    Fueki is and has been the one who created all the rings through his mastery in technology and physics.
    Remember when Fueki (in Carbuncle form) created the Water Dragon Magic Stone out of nothing which
    then Koyomi got thx to Cerberus Familiar?
    I believe Fueki used the same method in producing all other Magic Stones that eventually arrived in
    Haruto's hands.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I mean is that I don't need him jumping around and smiling I had enough of that shit in Fourze.

    Believe me I'm got sick and tired of that shtick in One Piece that I stopped reading it.

    I want Haruto to be a bit more livelier rather his constant blank stoic expression and stiff acting which is why I don't buy the "emotional" moments. Come on Connor from AC III was more lively than this guy.

    The conflict of letting Koyomi live or die would've been interesting if A: Fueki and the actor were shown from the start, his Wiseman/White Wizard ruse was known only to the audience by showing his transformation into each persona, he was an intimidating villain which he's not. B: If I hadn't seen this done in W and with way performances.

    Nitoh being the cheerful one would've alright but if I hadn't seen Date Akira from OOO do a way better job at it. Because the humor here is so lame I mean the moment they had Shunpei dress in drag to infiltrate an-all girl school was the biggest sign that they were dipping low. They also ruined a decent fight by shoehorning a joke that he had to open a ring just to do Hyper Beast's finisher.

    Nitoh really hasn't had any focus on him other than his comedic hijinks, his grandma arc, Mirage Magnum arc, and the Bicycle arc unlike his predecessors who who were given a lot of focus.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Wizard first episode was good. After that, everything just fell threw the cracks. Haruto was as boring as watching paint dry. Shunpei and Rinko are completely useless. No back story as to why the ring maker can even make rings. Koyomi is nice to look at, but that's about it. I dug Nitoh as he was the ONLY saving grace about this show. I wanted the writers to explore "What if Haruto failed at preventing someone from going into despair". I mean were all those phantoms recent? Or where they created during the last Sabath. If it's the latter. Then that's a cop out. But anyways,the show is "Okay". It's not the best cough KR Double. It's certainly not the worst. Ahhh Hibiki chooo. It could have been better. Oh well time for a Street dancing, fruit themed Rider. From the trailer, it does look promising.

    Final Grade C

    And no, the last upcoming episodes can't make up for the series overall. What's done is done.

  20. ^Bro anon @ 8:45am

    Are you fucking kidding me telling that Shunpei and Rinko are completely useless? You must be fun at the parties. Watch the entire episode I give it to you before you bashing them.

    Rinko, although she doesn't had a magic but at least as a detective she tried to uncover everything about the individual devoured by Phantoms. You might forget in episode 20-21 Rinko investigate about Phoenix's human form (I don't remember his name, gahhh had to rewatch that episode again) background and where he's missing after the Sabbath eclipse and she tried to help Phoenix to return to his human hearts although she failed, but hey at least she tried. Is that what you call helpless?

    In episode 26-27, Rinko investigates that Misa (Medusa's human form) also had her twin sister named Mayu who then become Kamen Rider Mage about an episode later. She tried to protect her from being fallen into despair, is that what you call helpless?

    Also in episode 34-35, Rinko joined Haruto to investigate about Sora (Gremlin's human form) about his background and where's he gone following the Sabbath eclipse aftermath, is that what you call helpless?

    Later in 36-37, Rinko and Shunpei work together to clear up the arsonist who was being accused for causing the fire in recent events by obtaining the surveillance videos about the recent fire and to reveal that the hill myna was the culprit to this disaster. You call this helpless?

    About Shunpei, I remember in episode 24 he tried to protect Nitou's grandmother from becoming Weretiger's Phantom target to make her fall in despair. Helpless? I don't think so.

    In episode 13, he protect the manju from being crushed as manju are Gate's important things to get himself hired in the new manju shop. Helpless?

    Well I can't details more about Shunpei yet but all I know that he's trying to protect everyone from Phantom's monstrosity and their goals to make Gate fall to despair. Helpless?

    My advice to you, watch the entire episode of Wizard and make judgment before criticizing both of them. That my 20 cents.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    @ Deen Said August 26, 2013 at 2:59 PM ...

    Cool story Bro. Face it BRO. They are at best Background characters being throw softballs occasionally to validate there existence on the show. At worst well Rinko is clearly eye candy while Shunpei, well I guess the Jar Jar Binks of the show. Keep your 20 cents. I stuck with the show for the entire year.Hoping it would pick up steam. Didn't happen till recently. I did like the show. At first. Then the show just dragged on and on and on with nothing really happening. I am not personally invested in the characters because save for Nitoh. They are all Dull and 2 dimensional. If it's lame it's lame. Try not to get upset if someone has a different OPINION from yours.

  22. ^
    While I agreed with your opinion about Rinko and Shunpei's character blandness (yes, I had to admit both of them are suck XP), at one point being a background character doesn't mean they can't do something. They don't have a magic but still they play an important role in one point.

    You might remember in episode 2 Rinko tried to protect Shunpei from Ghul's target and while Haruto fighting them as Wizard, Rinko told to Haruto even she doesn't had a magic like Haruto did, but she relying on her own strength and her will to protect the others. Like let's think about it: how we want to know where's Phoenix missing after the eclipse as well as Sora? What about Misa's background when they find out she had a twin sister named Mayu who later paying grudge against Misa as Kamen Rider Mage? Yeah sometimes people will never take care about the people who disappear after the eclipse, but at least Rinko take care about it even if the person was a Phantom (in this case Phoenix).

    As for Shunpei's side, hmm....what else I can said? He's a comedic relief? Weak. Although Shunpei's character was suck, he really did take care of the others. He really worried about Koyomi's safety, as well as a back supporter for Haruto in certain situations.

    That's what I taught. Sometimes being background character doesn't mean they can't do something.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, Shit jus got real! AWESOME!

  24. @Anon August 27, 2013 at 7:03am
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