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Ultraman Series Grabs Guinness World Records

Tsuburaya's hero of light, Ultraman was recently awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records for "a television series having the most number of spin-offs". Present in the awarding are a few Ultraman, including the latest hero, Ultraman Ginga and his host, Hikaru Raido (Takuya Negishi).

Guinness employee Carlos Martinez presented the award to the original Ultraman, which originally aired back in 1966. Apart from the two, also receiving the award are Ultraman 80, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Zero, and Ultraman Tiga.

The 27 spin-offs named by the Guinness Book of World Records are:
  1. Ultra Seven (1967)
  2. Ultra Fight (1970)
  3. Return of Ultraman (1971)
  4. Ultraman A (1972)
  5. Redman (1972)
  6. Ultraman Taro (1973)
  7. Ultraman Leo (1974)
  8. The★Ultraman (1979)
  9. Ultraman 80 (1980)
  10. Andro Melos (1983)
  11. Ultraman Kids' Proverb Stories (1986)
  12. Ultraman Kids: 30 Million Light Years Looking for Mama (1991)
  13. Ultraman Tiga (1996)
  14. Ultraman Dyna (1997)
  15. Ultraman Gaia (1998)
  16. Ultraman Cosmos (2001)
  17. Ultraman Boy's Ultra Coliseum (2003)
  18. Ultraman Nexus (2004)
  19. Ultraman Max (2005)
  20. Ultraman Mebius (2006)
  21. ULTRASEVEN X (2007 Years)
  22. Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (2007)
  23. KANEGON (2008)
  24. Ultra Galaxy Monster Battle NEVER ENDING ODYSSEY (2008)
  25. Ultraman Retsuden (2011)
  26. Ultra Zone (2011)
  27. Ultraman Ginga (2013)
And here's the video of the said event:

Source: M-78 blog, Guinness World Records

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16 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:


    nobody cares

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The horned ultra isn't Ultraman Seven. He is the Ultraman Taro!

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Good work Jef, once again.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How can you be a toku fan and not love Ultraman?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You must care since you click on the article and even bothered to comment. I don't know what your problem is with Ultraman, but you should respect it. They deserved that award. So screw you Anonymous #1 aka the sad lonely troll.

  6. GoseiPirate Says:

    Man, I loved watching Tiga as a kid.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ^Boy got jokes X'D that's the funniest damn thing I ever heard Toei is at the top Rider SS +MH 4 ever without a doubt

  8. Anonymous Says:

    That's not UltraSeven, that's Taro

  9. Anonymous Says:

    @anon 1, don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure somebody cares about you.
    In all seriousness though, I'm glad Ultraman is in the Gunness world records. It's good that people outside of Japan will know more about Ultraman.

  10. GekiDan Says:

    Fixed the identity of the "horned dude". Thanks.

  11. Kirtro Says:

    Anon @ September 13, 2013 at 2:24 AM

    >>How can you be a toku fan and not love Ultraman?

    Because there is not such thing as a "True Fan", all things considered everyone enjoying and disliking the same things would be extremely boring (not that the troll at the top is helping anything either)

    I can respect what the Ultra Series is but it just isn't for me. Tried twice to get into it and sadly couldn't (though for all I know Nexus and Ginga were bad places to start, if anyone knows a better modern jumping off point im happily all ears)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    @ Kirito

    How about Ultraman Tiga or Ultraman Mebius?

  13. Kirtro Says:

    @ anon September 13, 2013 at 11:24 PM

    K-i-r-t-r-o nothing to do with that sword art online guy. (if I had a dollar for everytime someone has gotten that wrong...)

    and I guess i'll give Mebius a look one of these days then. xD

  14. Anonymous Says:

    This is all fine and dandy and I hope we get Ultraman Ginga episodes soon.

  15. KamenFruit Says:

    Try Dyna. It was a great series.

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