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Kamen Rider Gaim Strawberry Arms, More Riders Joining the Battle

The preview for November 10th's episode (no airing on the 3rd) of Kamen Rider Gaim, "I'm Back! Friendship's Strawberry Arms!" shows us the debut of yet another arms change, the Strawberry Arms, which can be accessed via the Strawberry Lock Seed.

In the said episode, Kota tries to overcome the events that befell him in the Helheim Forest against Zangetsu while Kaito challenges Mitsuzane to a fight, with the new Armored Rider Ryugen unable to fight Baron on his own.

Kamen Rider Gaim Strawberry Arms' main weapon is the IchigoKunai, which comprises of two throwing knives. In the images, he is seen fighting Kamen Rider Baron, his main rival. Its finisher: the "Ichigo Burst".

Not only that, November will also mark the debut of yet another arms change, but this time, it's a flying mobile armor! The Kamen Rider Gaim Watermelon Arms gives Kota massive armor and flight ability. It has three different modes: Great Mode (a big watermelon), Gyro Mode (flight), and Great Big Bang (full armored).

While in this form, the Sakura Hurricane, Gaim's bike, can be used by Kamen Rider Ryugen.

Lastly, three new "Armored Riders" have been revealed, as well as their users. Gridon is Hideyasu Jonouchi, the leader of Team Invitto, who uses the Acorn Lock Seed to transform. Kurokage is Hase Ryoji, the leader of Team Raid Wild, and uses the Pinecone Lock Seed to transform. And, Bravo is Pierre Alfonso, who uses the Durian Lock Seed to transform.

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16 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow really fancy colors..that durian rider was very surprising, seriously.. how can we miss his teaser?
    And with all the spikes (kinda bring punk-rock hype on his appearance)., this is very unorthodox way to present a rider

    I hope he will be like kr taiga,whose main reason to fight is all about his psychopathic nature to kill all riders

  2. Unknown Says:

    well . . . if you see . . . gaim final form
    or final armor can we see at the end of
    the opening . . . the scene where we see
    gaim use motorcycle . . . if you pause at
    03:02 episode 4 . . . you can seen that final form

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Cool. We finally see how those knifes exactly look like. Though, Ryugen can only use the Sakura Hurricane while Gaim is in Suika Arms? What's exactly stopping him from borrowing the Lockvehicle when he needs it and it's on hand?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is what I'm talking about.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Best two out of three with the new Riders. I say this because Gridon looks a little silly, lol. It's the breastplate. Always with the breastplate lol.

    Bravo looks rather, evil. I'd like to see what he can do. The same goes for Kurokage whom I'm glad that there's a 'ninja' themed rider in this and it would seem more appropriate for him to have the Ichigo Arms instead of Gaim but it's all good. I'm liking how things are turning out so far with this show.

  6. musyio Says:

    that durian rider is one of the most badass design of rider from this series!

  7. marty Says:

    Okay i get it in Gen Urobuchi fashion way there will be possibly 13 riders just like ryuki and if most riders died killed either by invess or by evil riders who betrayed their trust then that leaves only gaim,baron ryugen and zangetsu.
    Then Baron will then be commanded by Sid (who will turn into an invess) and the other evil invess to gather its army and attack humanity leaving gaim to gather the good invess to fight along with his side leading to a war from the beginning of the first episode that will result in the end of humanity with ryugen and zangetsu going after both baron and gaim to stop the war and i think the mysterious girl will be none other than mai who is the sacrifice of the ritual but escapes and she goes back in time to convince kota to prevent the war from happening or maybe the alternate mai who just went to our dimension to prevent the destruction of our world just like her world did.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I dont know about you but gridon looks like a brown gorilla / giant ape.

  9. BC21 Says:

    Toei should so make a pair of headphones for Gridon because, his hammer looks like an ear bud overall I like what I've seen so far can't wait to see these guys in action :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i love how this series goes...

  11. Anonymous Says:

    atually the thrid mode for Suika(Watermelon) Arms is Yoroi(Armor) Mode

  12. Anonymous Says:

    ichigo arms,SHUSHUTTO SPARK!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    why does the durain looks like a certain donut merchant

  14. Asura Says:

    @wisnu tri prasongko: Not a final form, just Gaim's reflection distorted.

    Also, the correct translations for Suika Arms' forms are:

    -Yoroi Mode (armor)
    -Gyro Mode (flight)
    -Oodama Mode (watermelon)

  15. Unknown Says:

    @asura I think it's not only reflection, because it's really different from real armor of gaim....
    but now we can only wait.....
    hahahahay ;-)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    hei wisnu you just embrassing indonesia , its gaim reflection , its same gaim with long horn due the efect of distortion

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