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Attack on Titan 3DS Game's Introduction Trailer

Spike Chunsoft had released a 3.5 minute introduction trailer for the upcoming Attack on Titan Nintendo 3DS game, Attack on Titan: Humanity's Last Wings. The trailer introduces the game's story and multi-player modes, as well as its other features such as the 3D Maneuver Action and character customization.

The player can control Eren, Mikasa, Armin or any of the members of the Survey Corps. Fight various Titans using the game's "3D Maneuver Action", and if possible, your character can also transform into one! Each mission, the CPU will control your allies, and if the titan caught them, the player can rescue them. If you fail to rescue them, the mission will also fail. After clearing missions, players can obtain parts that can be used in the game's other mode, World Mode.

Developed by Spike Chunsoft, the game lets you follow the events of Hajime Isayama's survival manga and anime. Attack on Titan: Humanity's Last Wings is scheduled to be released on December 5th for 6090 yen. Pre-order now at CDJapan and get exciting bonuses!

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