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Amusement Park Presents Life-Size Zaku at a Gundam Exhibit

Mobile Suit Gundam fans have been visiting Odaiba and Shizuoka to see the popular life-sized Gundam display there for so many years. Now, fans will be able to witness another life-sized model, the Gundam's most popular adversary - the Zaku!

"Bandai Character Toy Stadium" is a Bandai exhibit that has been a part of Nasu Highland Park, an amusement park in the north of Tokyo, since March of 2011. And to celebrate it's 35th anniversary, they will include more Gundam elements as they remodel the exhibit. This time, the main attraction would be its new "Zaku Repair Bay" wherein the visitors can view a life-sized Zaku from a two-storey viewing platform. There's also the "Memorial Photo Corner" where guests can reenact famous scenes from the show itself while sitting on a chair like a Zeon throne room, a Gundam cockpit, and a bar with Char. Lsstly, there's what they call a "Timeline Corner" presenting four 1/10-scaled Gundams, exhibits about the history of Gundam toys and the likes, Gundam quizzes, and a store which exclusively sell Gundam merchandise.

Opened last Saturday, March 1st is this new exhibit which will run through January 5th. Other event plans on work for its anniversary will feature a six-story maze, a 3-D Nintama Rantaro movie, and a One Piece event on summer.

via Anime News Network

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