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New Characters For Kamen Rider Battride Wars II

Bandai Games has announced that more characters from various Kamen Rider series/movies will be appearing in the upcoming Kamen Rider Battride Wars II game!

Added in the roster of characters are the Albino Joker from Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace and the Sengoku Riders from Kamen Rider Hibiki and the Seven War Demons which consist of the movie riders Kabuki, Kirameki, Nishiki, Touki and Habataki.

And to top that, Kamen Rider Blade's 3rd ending song, "Take it a try" performed by Hajime Aikawa (CV. Ryoji Morimoto) was announced to be included in the Premium TV and Movie Sound Edition of the game. 

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hope they arent just npc, like skull in the 1st

  2. They need to add Ixa and/or zeronos!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty sure I saw this exact same article at Henshin Justice, complete with the same pictures being used

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Which is why there's a "Via Henshin Justice" link at the end. :V

    EVERY toku blog gets at least some of its info from other blogs. You're not gonna easily find one that doesn't.

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