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Kamen Rider Drive: September 2014 Hyper Hobby Scans

And here's the continuation for the Hyper Hobby September 2014 magazine scans and this time, Kamen Rider Drive will take the spotlight!

Enjoyed the newest Kamen Rider Drive scans? Well, we still have 3 more weeks to go before the series starts!

Source: MoDXtoys

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20 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Its his stage now

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sooooooooo..........he just pick little car at his right belt and put it on his left hand............ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (=_=)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I just realized this is a more tedious version of Kamen Rider Beast's gear set.

  4. Unknown Says:

    this is about as interesting as the fruit locks from last season -or the dumb trains form toqger -except i really like trains-seriously we need a old school design rider -the extra marketing gimicks are hurting the brand

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Finally a Kamen Rider with a proper job..
    KR Drive. detective police.
    KR Gaim. partimer in fruit cafe.
    KR Wizard. jobless.
    KR Fourze. high school student.
    KR OOO. jobless.
    KR W. detective + jobless.
    KR Decade. jobless.
    KR Kiva. Repair piano.
    KR DenO. jobless.
    KR Kabuto. has many jobs! Hail Tendou Souji!
    KR Hibiki. jobless.
    KR Blade. jobless.
    ok I lost count but most Kamen Rider has no decent job. Can we have a doctor Kamen Rider or lawyer Kamen Rider or architect or professor or someone who actually works for a living?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I'm reeeeeaaaaally hoping that the whole "wheels changing color (and shape)" isn't Drive's version of a 'form'.

    ... like, it would be really lame in comparison to his predecessors (ie. Gaim's fruits, Wizard's rings, W's memories ...)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Whats so bad about that? It's nothing different then lockseeds from Gaim or the whistles from Kiva.It's just his power-up/weapon gimmick to sell toys.

    It's atleast better then the astro switches

  8. Anonymous Says:

    "sooooooooo..........he just pick little car at his right belt and put it on his left hand............ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (=_=) "

    It seems that the monster's also use a type of shift car to transform,so the origin is probably important.

  9. As cool as Drive is, I'm more interested in just why Kamen Rider Black was next to Gaim. I remember Urobuchi loving Black and having it inspire him to write Gaim, is that why he's on the cover?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    WHAT THE FACK?!..ban mobil?????

  11. Anonymous Says:

    so tell me..if the kamen rider is a doctor..what if he is in the middle of surgery n a monster attacks the town?what will he do?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    "I'm reeeeeaaaaally hoping that the whole "wheels changing color (and shape)" isn't Drive's version of a 'form'."

    Drive has full form changes, the wheels are just minor transformations. Like how Fourze had various Switches while in different States.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The tires are more like the fourze modules he'll have at least 2 other forms that we have seen so far I believe being type wild and type technic

  14. ShunPei Says:

    to Anonymous #4

    Tsukasa(Decade) have same condition with Tendou(Decade)
    They can/have many job
    Difference is Tendou choose his job while Tsukasa forced to have his job

    Eiji(OOO), Ryotaro(Den-O), and Hibiki is part timer too
    Eiji in Cous Coussier
    Ryotaro in his sister's cafe
    Hibiki in Tachibana Dango Shop

    Sanjo is in love with themed Drama
    his next Rider maybe can have hospital drama or lawyer drama
    maybe even Scientific drama with homage to Galileo, Mr.Brain
    Oh,he insert a bit family Drama in Kyoryuuger
    there is high chance he will make family drama as Rider theme and make Rider is only source of income in his family with crazy sister who always happy, geeky brother, old folks with old talk and finally cold person as new neighbour

    have decent job or not, in the end Rider will leave his job to saving people
    like certain Detective who shorten his deduction (just ask damnit, they always tell the truth not need investigation crap)
    like certain Part-timer who leave his job anytime (Chiyoko always in distress. lol)
    like certain Highschooler(?) just in name only ("and how about our school days?" "i thought you dispelled already")

    World is gonna screwed, they have no time to think about their job
    they can work again after their fight end

  15. Anonymous Says:

    September 1, 2014 at 12:25 AM
    just to add.
    KR Wizard Police asset.(against phantom)
    KR OOO is son of Rich Parents, works part time.
    KR W is 2 in 1 Detective
    KR Kiva Violin maker and repairer.
    KR Blade Job is a Kamen Rider to seal the Undead.
    KR Faiz Laundry Cleaner
    KR Ryuki news reseacher (i think)
    KR Agito House Boy
    KR Kuuga Police Asset.(against Grongi)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    He can have his bike turn into human form and handle the surgery. Or use his tech gadgets to combine into a temporary rider to fight the monsters until his surgery is over. By the way the next super hero taisen will be the Main riders vs. Secondary riders.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    As a kid I have the wrong impression we dont have to work for a living watching kamen riders. The series help me build alot of positive characters and seriously this is the one thing that recent kamen rider shows are missing.. everyone needs to work for money for a living aka job. Kamen Rider Drive will b a good start.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Ya u r right bout faiz ryuki agito kuuga haha I lost count those r best childhood series I enjoyed thanks :)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    KR DiEnd .... a thief, best job ever. lol

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