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Gun Caliber Bags #2 in Japanator's Top 3 Tokusatsu Award For 2014

And here's another good news: that gun-fu fightin', booze consumin' and chick flirtin' @$$kicker Gun Caliber is awarded #2 top toku in this year's Japanator Top 3 Tokusatsu Awards!

Yes, this awesome indie-toku has claimed the # 2 spot as top toku for 2014. This indie toku movie was made by Bueno RX and it tells the story of a former superhero trying to cope with a world who does not need heroes like him anymore. After the movie was launched on youtube last year, toku fans gave it all the massive support that it deserves.

As for the other top winner, the fruit juice powered gang of the armored riders gets to be the top dogs of 2014 as it grab the #1 spot while those samba powered rangers from Kyoryuger takes the #3 spot! 

Orange flavored top dog!

#3 on the spot! Time for some samba!

We, on behalf of JEFusion congratulates Bueno Rx for a job well done. Here's hoping for another Gun Caliber movie. Cheers to you parekoy!

For more information and action re Gun Caliber, please visit, like and subscribe the official Garage Hero youtube channel.

 Source: Japanator

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1 Response
  1. Bueno Says:

    Salamat pare!

    Thank you for all the love and support! I'll be sure to do you all proud here in Tokyo! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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