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Possible Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers & Dino Charge team-up?

The official Power Rangers Instagram page has recently posted an image hinting a possible team-up between the original Power Rangers and the Dino Charge rangers.

The image was immediately deleted but a fan has manage to screencap the whole thing and posted it online. If this was to happen, will we ever see the other dinosaur team, the Dino Thunder rangers, return and join them too? Will the staff use some footage from Kyoryuger VS. Go-Buster? Let's hope so because the new series is getting positive feed-backs from fans.

Source: Henshin Justice

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13 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    not going to happen, as we recall some of them didn't even want to come back for the reunion in super megaforce and has openly stated that they were treated poorly in the past, so to have them change their mind now and come back, would be very strange and awkward (check Jfusion older post for what I'm saying)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That picture also shows the Dino Thunder ranger expect the black ranger is missing

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think they were just saying like a what if we could see them again, and they probably took the picture down because it would lead to speculation but who knows it could happen

  4. Unknown Says:

    its a big MAYBE they could just use other actors and put them in suits and never detransform them -we will see i would love to see them use the combo as all the dino based rangers together would look cool -also would probably happen again when they do the ninja series in a year or so -im assuming they are going to skip toqger like they did go busters because it doesn't really work

  5. Ono Says:

    That wouldn't be too hard, considering we got the versus movie to provide footage (and hey hey, they don't need to cut a lot of Go-Busters who barely was there, right?).

    Plus, Tommy is the black ranger of the Dino Thunder, and Jason's actor has been rumored to be in talks to be returning for Dino Charge in some capacity. Remember, the Japanese movie only features 3 returning actors, while the others are voice only, so not everyone needs to come back to wear the suit.

    @Anon1 "some of them didn't even want to come back for the reunion in super megaforce and has openly stated that they were treated poorly in the past"

    A little correction on your statement... some of them weren't even invited for the reunion. Your wording made it seems like the actors is behaving like a diva when they aren't

  6. Might as well also add Dino Thunder!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Probably since they might use the crossover movie's scenes

  8. Anonymous Says:

    They might do it as a super megaforce crossover.
    The dino thunder rangers and some of the original mighty morphin rangers would just be one of the six chumps we didn't care about last season.

    Though I really want all of these guys back for a reunion special.

    But we all know nickelodean is going to mess it all up with it's cheap budgets.

  9. Unknown Says:

    well its anyones guess what goes on with these corporates but if we are LUCKY -we might get a good reunion -after all we haven't had one since that dull one in samurai and the one that was barely anything at the end of megaforce-it was nice seeing old characters but there was hardly any screen time it barely counts

  10. Anonymous Says:

    A lot of the past veterans who didn't show up for the reunion were vindicated when we saw what a shitstorm the Super Megaforce finale turned out to be (only a few of them had lines, some were only on screen for a couple seconds, and got shit pay for it.

    Now with a veteran producer (Lynn) and an almost assured chance at much more screen time and dialogue because there would be so few veterans, this type of reunion would seem more palatable than Megaforce's embarrassing showing.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Saban/ Nick would not pass up on opportunity like this as it would be an amazing marketing campaign to sell new merch. As well, this would allow the show to make up for the shitty Super Mega Force reunion.

    At this point, they are only 3 episodes in and I like the direction and pace of the show. Even the acting is loads better. My faith in the show is slowly returning.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Too good to happen.

  13. Unknown Says:

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