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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: New Starninger Scans

Kamen Rider Chaser isn't the only talk of the town for next month because some new detailed scans of the cowboy ninja, Starninger has also surfaced online! Enjoy this new rodeotastic images after the break!

Starninger's civilian identity is Kinji Takigawa. He became a Ninninger after his encounter with the last ninja, Yoshitaka Igasaki. Kinji transforms into Starninger by using the transformation item, Ninja Star Burger, and he is armed with the Star Swordgun.

Starninger's primary mecha is the the Bison King which is composed of the Rodeomaru and the Bison King Buggy, an ATV looking machine that has a bull motif.

And thats not all, next month, Sasuke, Kakuranger's Ninjared and Yousuke Shiina, Hurricared and Hurricanger's leader, will join the Ninninger in their battle against the Kibaoni army!

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3 Responses
  1. I've been thinking all this time. Sauske(Kakuranger) gave up his henshin device to seal Daimaou. And if Sauske can henshin again, would Daimaou have gotten out?

  2. Sentai keeps ruining the sixth rangers now. They used to be so sick and powerful but now they are all just jokes and gimmicks. Wtf is this stupid cowboy shit

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I'm usually not one to bash things related to entertainment that I enjoy, but this is the one time that I do. I honestly think that a "western themed ninja" is the most retarded thing ever. I'm still gonna watch it, but I just think that that was just a horrendous idea. After seeing a clip of him at the end of episode 8, I was just mortified. I mean really.. just no no no. ToQ-6 was badass, I liked him. KyoryuGold and KyoryuSilver were great. Only Kyoryuger I didn't like was Cyan..... just no. Smh. :/ Oh well, so far I am more or less enjoying Ninninger, Momo Ninja is pretty much making it enjoyable lol. The rest of them i don't really care for, maybe Ao Ninja, but yeah.

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