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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: King Shurikenjin Scans

With an early sixth ranger debut, new Ninninger magazine scans have also surfaced featuring the combined form of Shurikenjin and Bison King: King Shurikenjin and a quick look at Starninger's transformation sequence.

When more power is need, Shurikenjin and Bison king will combine to form a super combination, King Shurikenjin. The five will be joined by Starninger in the cockpit. King Shurikenjin will debut this may.

Before we end this, here's a magazine scan featuring Starninger's transformation sequence plus see Kinji taking a selfie with a Yokai!

Source: Heroshock 

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    "I have to protect the world and destroy this yokai, BUT FIRST. Let me take a Selfie"

  2. Unknown Says:

    Saber Rider and Star Sheriff anyone??
    *can you feel the thunder inside?*

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