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Kamen Rider Drive: 1st Type Tridoron Magazine Scan

And just like that, we have our first magazine scan of  Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron in action! And boy does he look like a cliffjumper recolor of the movie version of bumblebee!

Also seen in the is the reunion of the 3 Kamen Riders of justice while their civilian identities are showing-off their stuff: Chase holding his Signal Bike Chaser, Shinnosuke holding the Shift Tridoron and Gou holding his Signal Bike Mach.

We also get to see Chaser kicking the tar out of Brain.

Plus, looks like the Riders aren't the only ones who are getting power-ups as Freese Roidmude and Brain will get their golden evolution just like frieza's from the new dragon ball movie!

June is sure to be a hot month for Kamen Rider Drive! Power-ups galore!

Stay tuned for more scans!

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10 Responses
  1. I know they're supposed to be headlights...but I can't NOT see the beady little eyes and the angry eyebrows. The more I look at it, the funnier it gets.

  2. Unknown Says:

    They should have kept type speed like helmet because that is just goofy looking.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    @Z-Freak8790 - omg no now I see it too! lol but the form still looks badass

  4. Unknown Says:

    At the bottom left corner, I think it says that Brain will fuse with Nira to change into Chou Yugou Tai.

    I hope that the fusion cannot be undone and the ass hole Nira will die together with Brain haha.

  5. Unknown Says:

    The best Final Form ever since Blade King Form and Kiva Emperor sugoiii!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    His eyes are weird. ;_;

  7. Anonymous Says:

    this form looks more like a roidmude than Chase's Machine Chaser form

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I know I said I wanted Freeze to get an upgrade because I don't like his design, but that is NOT the kind of upgrade I had in mind!

    Also, Heart and Medic really don't get to do much anymore, do they?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    @Fate Light- Nira's no asshole. He's had his memories altered and is basically brainwashed.

    @Anonymous (10:57pm)- Heart will have a change of heart (pun intended) and Medic will be killed by Brain.

  10. Unknown Says:

    AnonymousMay 27, 2015 at 1:47 AM

    1 - do you have any prove to that Nira was brainwashed by Freeze? Did we actually get to see that little freeze mark at Nira's neck? No, that would make your argument of Nira being brainwashed invalid.

    2 - getting brainwashed =/= change of personality
    Freeze can brainwashed someone into hating another person but I don't think his brainwashing can turn alter a person's personality entirely. For Gou's case, he was already very desperate and would use any mean to achieve his goal so him acting so violent might not have anything to do with Freeze's brainwashing.

    And from what we can see so far, Nira didn't torture the Special Investigation Unit out of hatred but out of his own enjoyment and also the order from Makabe/Freeze.

    3 - This scan says that Brain will fuse with the 'evil' Nira in order to achieve his Chou Shinka Tai. Do you know 'evil' means? And Freeze pointed out that each of the commanding Roidmude had gain their own emotion. Brain seems to gain a strong envious emotion. If Nira is a compatible fusion material for Brain to achieve his Chou Shinka Tai, it's might be due to Nira also has a strong feeling of envy towards the Special Investigation Unit's achievement and which is why he was always trying to get into the way of their investigation.

    4 - while Shinnosuke did said that Freeze was altering the memories of the people from the police department, it was only memories linked to the Roidmude incident. Do you think Freeze would go as far as to alter Nira's memory to the point that his own personality changed when Nira has very little use to Freeze?

    Nira's actions up till now shows that he's an asshole no matter how or from which dimension you look at it. After all that, if someone still can't agree that Nira's an asshole, I think they might need to see an eye/brain surgeon :P

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